Futures Fins Thruster Fin Sets: "Loose your Mind with Futures Fins Thruster Fins"

An Article By: Chris Hough, CEO: The Surfboard Warehouse
Originally Posted: 2/28/2017

I think it's safe to say  that Futures Fins puts more into fin R&D than any other Fin company we deal with and this is most evident with their Thruster Fins. For the sake of this conversation (and page) when we're talking about Futures Fins Thruster Fins we're also talking about their 5-Fin Sets as well, since any of the Futures Fins 5-Fin Sets can be ridden as a Thruster and are ideal for your shortboard. If you ride a shortboard, particularly one with a Thruster Set up, prepare to loose your mind with the Future Fins Thruster Fin line. I personally get exited about this topic as I am an avid shortboarder and know from experience that changing your fins will change your board.

The first thing to take a look at when discussing Futures Fins Thruster Fins is their tech. You might think that it's all hype, but I assure you, it is not. Your fins are the most engaged part of your surfboard and that is particularly true when we're talking about your shortboard and any critical maneuvers you may be trying to make. It makes sense then, that fin flex is a huge issue and that's what Futures Fins tech is all about, the flex of a fin and making a fin flex in a specific, consistent pattern. With Futures Fins you have, materials that include; Thermotech, Honeycomb or "Hexcore", Techflex and Solid Glass and fin series that consist of the Black Stix 3.0, the Generation Series and the brand new Control Series. Again, all this is focused on fin flex for the feel you want with regards to your shortboard fins.

Without getting into to much detail, Thermotech is the most flexible (and cost effective) material, then you get into honeycomb, which is lighter and stiffer and last Solid Glass being the most stiff. From this Futures Fins made some keen observations, that you don't necessary want a fin with the same flex properties from base to tip, especially with Thruster Fins. So they began experimenting with different carbon layouts, creating shortboard fins that flexed more or less in different places, based on the layout of the carbon, honeycomb and glass materials. Ultimately, that's where we find ourselves, with the Control, the Generations and the Black Stix 3.0 series. Fins that are all the product of Futures Fins giving us unique flex patterns across multiple fin templates.

Next, once you've decided on what flex preference you prefer with your Futures Fins Thruster Fin Set, you'll find yourself discovering the dozens of fin templates Futures has to offer. (I told you you'd loose your mind with Futures Fins Thruster Fins) Futures found that some Fin templates worked will across multiple materials, while at the same time finding that other fin templates were best in only certain materials. A good example of this is the Pancho Sullivan Thruster Set, which is only available in the Control Series. Pancho is a big surfer that surfs powerful waves with an equally powerful style, so it wouldn't make sense for Futures Fins to use his template in a more Flexible material. You want a stiff, controlled fin material for the Panchos, thus why his template is only available in the Control Series.

Last, we need to discuss Foil, of which Futures Fins has several different fin foils available across their Thruster Fin line. Flat foiled fins will give you a more traditional feel, that said, technology has shown Futures that a flat foiled fins may not be the most resistant to drag. That's how the Vector 2 or V2 foil came about. On a Vector 2 Foiled Fin, the inside of the fin is not flat, but rather concave, which allows the water to adhere better to the fin, reducing cavitation and ultimately drag. Science proves that it's a significant amount of drag reduction, which translates to more speed for your shortboard. Again, V2 Foil works well with some templates and materials and not so much with others. The Black Stix 3.0 all have V2 foil and are therefor faster and more lively. If the surf is a bit less powerful and you need to generate your own speed, then you want V2 Foiled fins on your Shortboard.

At The Surfboard Warehouse, we've also partnered with the Finatic Fin Testing Program as a way to offer you a solution when it comes to trying Futures Fins before you buy them. Finatic allows you the ability to test every set of Futures Fins through their platform which operates much link Netflix. You set up your "queue" of fins and receive a set in the mail, to surf as long as you like. When you're comfortable with how those fins affect your surfing you simply send them back and Finatic will send you another set from your queue. We believe that Finatic is the next thing in the evolution of our sport when it comes to surfboard fins and that's why we have chosen to partner with them. Finatic does not sell new fins, so when you find a set of fins that you like, head back here to The Surfboard Warehouse let us know which set you'd like to purchase and we'll get them to you.

At The Surfboard Warehouse, we are proud to say that we have sold Futures Fins over the internet longer than anyone else! So when it comes to your shortboard, if it's a Futures Fins Thruster set you're after, you know that we're able to help you get the exact set of Futures Fins that's best for you and your shortboard. If you're not sure which set of Futures Fins you need, pleas call us, we're here and we'll help. Thank you for considering The Surfboard Warehouse.

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