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Jeff Battisti is Rat Surfboards, and if you ask him he ll tell you, The Core of Rat Surfboards originated with riding my first wave, and I ll never forget it. Rat surfboards was founded in April of 1988, with his love and passion for surfing driving and shaping the company. Rat likes getting surfers what they need, going as far as to watch his customers surf, giving him a first hand visual of what it will take to get that surfer to the next level. Go watch your shaper surf and see if he can surf or not. Growing up I certainly didn t want a board from a shaper that couldn t surf. If they can t surf and their shaping your board, what's that telling you? Rat.

Rat Surfboards specialize in speed. Every maneuver from simple snaps and turns, to more complex 360 s and airs all have one thing is common they require speed. Rats experience surfing and shaping his own designs every day, have led to a board quiver sure to get you the speed you need.

Name: Jeff Battisti (Rat)
Age: 38
Height: 5 9
Weight: 150lbs
Stance: Regular

Favorite day: In 2003, during the height of SARS in indo. The trip there was Hellish, we were covered head to toe, with masks on. We didn t want to catch SARS. It was a 48 hour trek threw China and Taiwan, but we made it. During this trip we surfed a place in off northern Indo, they named it after me and my crew, Rats Point, its a super hollow right. We surfed it about double to triple overhead, that was one of the best days for me.

Board: Rat Rocket
Type: Super high performance
Length: 5 9
Tail: Swallow

Name: Berry-Cuda
Age: 40
Specialty: Airbrushing

Name: G.O.
Age: unknown
Specialty: Marlies and Girls

Name: Rueben
Age: unknown
Specialty: Tattoo/Dark

For information on custom boards or for a price quote on a board, send us an email at or call 813-436-0484 to speak directly with one of our knowledgeable staff members. Thanks.