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Orion Surfboards is another one of our East coast companies but, with a twist. Greg Geiselman shaper for Orion Surfboards stemmed out of the A.S.P. East, he was in the A.S.P. for 7 years getting as high as 4th in the year end rankings; surfing against many Pro s still in the tour, including Kelly Slater. Greg shaped for two other companies before he started shaping for Orion Surfboards in 85. When it comes to Orion Surfboards your know your getting a board made like the pro s because your getting a board made by a pro. We focus in on quality, not necessarily quantity, though we shape a lot of boards and I get a ton of customs. Greg Geiselman

Orion Surfboards has three different types of squash tails, a rocket fish and an entire fun shape line. We basically do the whole spectrum. Greg Greg is a very well rounded shaper, he has developed his whole line and tweaked them with his own knowledge of surfing. He has shaped over 18,000 boards and is over the twenty year mark in his shaping carrier.

Name: Greg Geiselman
Age: Unknown
Years Pro: 7
Years Surfing: 24

Favorite day: When we asked Greg about his favorite day he quickly started with Oh, the Bahamas, on New Years day, incredibly long .. Then he paused for a sec saying, No, definitely my summer trip to mainland Mexico in 89. We drove the whole way, surfing uncrowded Pasqual and of course Porto.

Board: Rat Rocket
Type: Super high performance
Length: 5 9
Tail: Swallow

Name: Chris Flynn
Age: 32
Specialty: Graffiti

Name: Mike Martin
Age: 56
Specialty: Classic

For information on custom boards or for a price quote on a board, send us an email at or call 813-436-0484 to speak directly with one of our knowledgeable staff members. Thanks.