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Lucas Surfboards is dedicated to quality handcrafted surfboards for surfers of all ages and ability, with over 30 years of shaping experience, including work for Local Motion. His company offers surfers a shaper that will take the time to gather all of the information necessary and receive their input to build them the best equipment possible for their surfing needs. His team has traveled extensively to surf both for pleasure and to test surfboard design, John and his company strive for quality of performance! As a surfer/shaper/craftsman I am very meticulous in my work, putting my name on a surfboard means that it must be the best work I can offer to the surfer. Assuring that they will get the board that they need and not a just a generic model from the shaping machine! John Lucas

Lucas surfboards specialize in hand shaped custom surfboards, made from the finest materials available. Lucas will confidently tell you, Our boards are built by a team of the best professionals in the industry.

Name: John Lucas
Age: 52
Years surfing: 35
Years shaping: 30
Stance: Goofy foot

Favorite day: Possibly the best day I ever surfed was at a point break in Mexico (better left un-named), 6 ft. and flawless. I surfed so long and hard that I couldn’t hold my head up that evening at dinner due to soreness in my neck and shoulders!

For information on custom boards or for a price quote on a board, send us an email at or call 813-436-0484 to speak directly with one of our knowledgeable staff members. Thanks.