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Linden Surfboards is probably the most well known shaper we carry on this site. When your getting a board from a guy that is in The Encyclopaedia Of Surfing , you know you don t have any worries, here is that article.

The Encyclopaedia of Surfing Page: 338
By: Matt Warshaw
Edited by: Harcourt Book, 2003-11-19

Linden, Gary Good-natured American surfboard shaper and competition judge from Oceanside, California; founder and owner of Linden Surfboards. Linden was born (1949) in El Centro, California, in the Imperial Valley, raised in the San Diego suburb of Clairemont, and began surfing at age 13. Four years, later he started shaping boards in the family garage, and soon founded his own label. Linden spent much of his time in the early and mid- 70s making boards in Brazil. In 1978 he opened Linden Surfboards, a factory/retail outlet in Oceanside, and over the years he made boards for dozens of world tour pros, including Todd Holland, Brad Gerlach, Margo Oberg, Taylor Knox and Cheyne Horan. Throughout the 80s, Linden, Al Merrick, and Rusty Preisendorfer were regarded as the Holy Trinity of mainland American surfboard shapers.

From 1981 to 1991, while still running his surfboard business, Linden also worked as a judge on the world pro tour, and was meet director for the California-based Stubbies Pro contests. From 1996 to 1998 he served as president of the Association of Surfing Professionals, the world tour organizing group. A dedicated big-wave rider himself, Linden eventually organized big-wave competitions in South Africa, Madeira and Brazil. His greatest success as a competition director came in 1998, as he supervised the Reef Big-Wave Team World Championships at Killers, on Mexico s Todos Santos Island.

Linden was hired in 2001 as logistics director for the Billabong Odyssey, a three-year search for a ridable 100-foot wave. He also served as the event director for the 2002 Margaritaville Longboard Trophy Series. On January 9, 2002, the curly-haired 52-year-old was towed in to a 30-footer at Todos Santos. Linden is married and has two children.

Linden Surfboards carries the whole range of surfboards, from retro designs to the most performing flying machine. Linden Surfboards is specialized in quality, top of the line boards. Through the decades, his own surfing experience, and inputs from a diverse range of team riders, Gary Linden has constantly been developing some surfing marvel to fit any style and type of waves.

If you want to fly high above a section like team rider Zach Rhinehart, you are looking for our Boulevard model. Wanna cruise in style at Malibu, we have a classic Longboard for you, renew with the twin fins experience, the Nu B fish is want you want. Looking to charge some heavy barrels, pick up from our full line of guns and semi-guns. More looking to go vertical at your local beach break, then pick-up our Pretty Much model. Just want to push our surfing potential to the max, our S model shortboard is the tool. For the thrill of big wave riding you can choose from our guns or tow-boards Linden Surfboards has the boards you need!

Name: Gary Linden
Surname: White Latino
Civil Status: Married with 2 daughters, resides in Carlsbad
Work: Owner of Linden Surfboards in Oceanside since 19XX & Contest Director.
Born: El Centro California, 1949

Runner-up of the 2003-2003 XXL Big Wave Challenge, in paddle-in, for successfully riding a 50+ foot wave in Mexico. (Todos Santos)

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