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Inspired Surfboards is an East Coast company with fresh faces and new talent across the board. Drew Bagget is one of our youngest shapers at age 27. But, don t let that fool you! He s been shaping as long as the rest (more than 10 years), with one major advantage, Yea, I m younger than most of the competition, but that gives me a better feel for the pulse of surfers and what they want. Drew Bagget. Drew, is one of the only shapers we carry that actually has a board completely inspired by flat surf. So, if you want a board that s sure to be at the very cutting edge of the surfing world, Inspired Surfboards delivers.

Inspired Surfboards specializes in all types of boards, but focuses on every model being progressive and at the leading edge of surf technology. With an up and coming surf team out of St. Augustine, Inspired team riders Ryan Riopko, Mike Driscoll, Cullen Traverso and Jayson Earl, are pushing the limits of surf board design and performance with every session.

Name: Drew Bagget
Age: 27
Years Surfing: Ha, since I can remember. Drew Bagget
Years Shaping: 12
Focus: New Designs/Short boards

Name: Mike Greenwood
Focus: Fun/Long/Rocket Fish and Big boy short boards

Favorite day: I spent summer 2000 in Hawaii, one day we were at (undisclosed location), it was a perfect 6ft South swell with cool clean water, I surfed about six hours strait that day, I ll never forget that one. Drew Bagget

For information on custom boards or for a price quote on a board, send us an email at or call 813-436-0484 to speak directly with one of our knowledgeable staff members. Thanks.