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Cannibal surfboards is an up and coming East coast company. Many things differentiate them from the competition. First, A.J. Finan has over 15 years of shaping experience with over 18,000 boards under his belt. A.J. started shaping skim boards at age 12 and quickly turned that into skurf board shaping and then that progressed into surfboard shaping at age 19. Being on the East coast his company has learned how to make boards that can really move on days with less than perfect conditions. A.J. s company always uses S glass witch is much stronger than your normal glassing, giving you a board that will hold up 3 times better and keep those pressure dings away. We like to think our boards are worth the extra expense. A.J. If you have never had the Cannibal experience we here at The Surfboard Warehouse suggest you do.

Cannibal surfboards specialize in speedy short boards and performance fish, Typically designed with 2 channel cut wings, triple concave and a V in the tail. A.J.s boards are designed to be very fast in small waves and handle well in well in large surf. These boards surf as hot as they look and if you ve seen A.J.s paint your know what we re talking about.

Name: A.J. Finnan
Age: Unknown
Years Surfing: Unknown
Years Shaping: 15
Boards shaped this month: 1000

Favorite day: Unknown.

For information on custom boards or for a price quote on a board, send us an email at or call 813-436-0484 to speak directly with one of our knowledgeable staff members. Thanks.