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Finatic™ Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will I be billed monthly for Finatic™?

A: Yes, your payment method will automatically be billed monthly, refer to the Finatic™ Terms and Conditions for further details.

Q: Can I have multiple fins sets checked out at one time?

A: YES! Multi Set TRUE Side by Side comparison IS NOW AVAILABLE in the Platinum Finatic™ membership! Platinum members will receive TWO of their top FIVE fin choices allowing Platinum Finatic™ members to check out two sets of fins AT THE SAME TIME! As a Platinum member we suggest finding a set you like, then continuously swapping out the other set to give you DIRECT comparisons to the set you like.

Q: Can I have upgrade/downgrade my membership at any time?

A: YES! Whether you're a Basic member looking to get more fin choices or get two fins at a time OR a Platinum member looking to keep your service on a tighter budget, you can call us at any time (813.436.0484) to upgrade/downgrade your membership. Please refer to the Finatic™ Terms and Conditions for further details.

Q: Am I locked into a long term contract?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT, there is no long term contract, you may cancel your subscription at any time, simply contact us via email, or by phone. (Assuming that all fins are returned)

Q: Could I be charged if I damage fins?

A: Yes, there could be fines for destroyed fins! Please be careful with them and DO NOT set your board fins down on the concrete. If you badly chip or crack the fins by doing this you could be charged for damaging the fins. We want EVERYONE in the program to receive fins that are in the best condition possible, so please take care of the fins. Refer to the Finatic™ Terms and Conditions  for further details on or damage(s) policy.

Q: What happens if a cancel my Finatic™ subscription in the middle of a billing cycle?

A: Unfortunately, there are NO credits (or prorated amounts) for partially used months, please refer to the Finatic™ Terms and Conditions for further details.

Q: Do I have to agree to the Finatic™ Terms and Conditions and Waiver in order to participate in Finatic™?

A: Yes, as there are inherent risks and dangers associated with surfing. Also, there are a set of regulations THAT MUST be followed in order for you to participate in Finatic™. Therefore, you will have to agree to both the Finatic™ Terms and Conditions and the Finatic™ Waiver during the check out process, BEFORE you will be allowed to purchase your Finatic™ subscription.

Q: Is Finatic™ amazing?

A: YES! We are SO excited to provide a one of a kind program like this! Thank you so much for your support! We're sure you’re going to be STOKED on Finatic™! ESPECIALLY with the introduction of the Basic, Premium and Platinum Finatic™ memberships!