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Surfboard Socks: "Is Picking out the Right Surfboard Sock Important?"

An Article By: Chris Hough, CEO: The Surfboard Warehouse

Is picking out the right Surfboard Sock important? Short answer ABSOLUTELY. Long answer, while I agree the differences are small there are some important things to consider. However, before we even get to that, we need to make sure that a Surfboard Stretch Cover, better known to some as a Surfboard Sock, fits your needs. Typically if you're in the market for a Surfboard Sock, surfboard day bags are always an option, as basic day bags and Surfboard Socks can in some situations be substitute goods. I realize, if you've landed on this page, then you've most likely all ready decided on a Surfboard Stretch Cover, that said it's always good to consider all your options, so read on!

The obvious difference that you'll be concerned about is price. While it is true that a Surfboard Sock costs considerably less than a surfboard day bag, price is not the only thing that needs to be thought through. A Surfboard Stretch Cover will not have the reflective material that's found on one side of most surfboard day bags. Therefor, if your surfboard is going to be on the roof of your car, or in the hot sun for an extended period of time a Surfboard Sock is NOT for you. I have personally driven to the beach, with my surfboard in a Surfboard Sock on the roof, only to find that the wax on my board had completely melted off. There was wax everywhere, all over my board, nose to tail and on both sides, though I don't know how that's possible, it still happened. The surfboard sock I had my board in was now useless as there was no getting that wax out. Trust me, this is something to consider.

Beyond the lack of a reflective side a Surfboard Stretch Covers offer little to no padding, but as long as that's understood up front then it's no big deal. While I sound down on Surfboard Socks in general, that's absolutely not true! A Surfboard Sock is great for indoor storage of your board, perfect if a trip to the beach if that's walking distance for you and absolutely suitable if you can put your board inside your car while driving to the beach. One other stand out about Surfboard Stretch Covers is the versatility. If you're planning a surf trip, there's nothing better than to have a Surfboard Sock on every board that's in your surfboard travel bag. The extra padding between boards will give you piece of mind and better still, when you get to your destination you can make day excursions with one board without having to lug your travel bag around because your board is in it's own sock.

Now that we've gotten the formalities out of the way, lets discuss the little things that are important when deciding on a Surfboard Sock. First is fit, which seems self explanatory, but you definitely want the shortboard sock, funboard/fish sock, longboard sock or SUP Sock that corresponds to your board. It is worth mentioning that your typical Surfboard Stretch Cover will stretch +/- 3 inches. This needs to be kept in mind when purchasing your Surfboard Sock as you want a snug fit, but not so tight that getting your board in and out of your Surfboard Sock becomes a chore. Last, look for the nose guard and or internal fin/wax pocket if those are features important to you. As far as quality is concerned, we have you covered as we don't carry any brand of Surfboard Sock that we feel does not meet our quality standards, you can be assured the Surfboard Stretch Covers you see here are the best in the world.

At The Surfboard Warehouse we all surf, we care, we want you to get the right Surfboard Knit Sock and we want you to save money doing it. You're a surfer, we're an ACTUAL surf shop that understands surfboards and the Surfboard Knit Socks we sell. At The Surfboard Warehouse, on this very page, you'll see the largest selection of Surfboard Stretch Covers in the world, made by reputable manufactures at great prices.  Not sure which Surfboard Knit Sock you need? Call us, we're here and we'll help. We typically have every Surfboard Stretch Cover offered here in our warehouse, so we can pull it and put our hands on it to answer any specific questions you may have. Thank you for considering The Surfboard Warehouse.

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