Surfboard Fins: "Surfboard Fins Explained."

An Article By: Chris Hough, CEO: The Surfboard Warehouse

Surfboard Fins are confusing, period and that's a problem, because changing your fins can greatly enhance your surfing. Surfboard Fins became removable circa 1995, in response to glassed on fins breaking off during air travel. FCS was one of the first on the scene, followed quickly by Futures Fins, whom have both now become the industry standard in their own right when it comes to Surfboard Fins. Up until recently, Surfboard Fins would lock into the bottom of your board via screws. With the advent of FCS II even this has now changed, as our industry is pushing it's own limits, with FCS II offering up a screwless fin system.

Your Surfboard will most likely only take either FCS, Futures, FCS II Fins, or a compatible set of Surfboard Fins there of. If you have FCS, or Futures "plugs" in your board, you also have the option to use Surfboard Fins from Kinetik Racing, Creatures, 3D Fins, Channel Islands and Rainbow Fin Co. of which we all can be found on this page. It should be noted that Gorilla Fins come only FCS and FCS II compatible. Simply purchase the Surfboard Fins from any of the for mentioned manufacturers that are "compatible" with your board. Perhaps you have a board and know which fins you need, perhaps you're doing research when it comes to buying a new board or new Surfboard Fins, either way you should find the following very helpful.


Once you decide which fin manufacturer you're going to go with you quickly realize that the choices don't stop there. Surfboard Fin size, template and material all affect the way your board will feel in the water, add in that most shortboards come as a Thruster, Quad or 5-Fin, you've got some serious options on your hands. While longboard fins are a bit more simplistic, you still have an overwhelming amount of fins to choose from in the longboard arena as well.

When it comes to size, generally speaking, bigger Surfboard Fins are for bigger surfers/bigger waves and smaller Surfboard Fins are for smaller surfers/smaller waves. Fin template is generally geared towards what type of waves you're going to be surfing, while fin material greatly effects how your board feels under your feet. A thruster setup is going to offer a lot of drive out of your turns, while a quad will offer superior hold and speed. Surfboards that offer a 5-Fin option are cool because you can choose between a thruster and quad based on the waves at hand. For something different, a quad can also be run with a small fifth fin called a "knubster".

At The Surfboard Warehouse, we've also partnered with the Finatic Fin Testing Program as a way to offer you a solution when it comes to trying fins before you buy them. Finatic allows you the ability to test every set of Surfboard Fins you can think of through their platform which operates much link Netflix. You set up your "queue" of fins and receive a set in the mail, to surf as long as you like. When you're comfortable with how those fins affect your surfing you simply send them back and Finatic will send you another set from your queue. We believe that Finatic is the next thing in the evolution of our sport when it comes to Surfboard Fins and that's why we have chosen to partner with them. Finatic does not sell new fins, so when you find a set of fins that you like, head back here to The Surfboard Warehouse let us know which set you'd like to purchase and we'll get them to you.

At The Surfboard Warehouse, we have sold Surfboard Fins over the internet for over 10 years and we use that experience when deciding which Surfboard Fins to carry and when we carry a fin line, we carry every fin they sell, so you know you're not missing anything. Whether we're talking about industry veterans like FCS, Future Fins or Rainbow Fins, screwless technology offered by FCS II, up and coming companies like Kinetik Racing, companies doing their own thing like Turbo Tunnel or companies that have developed new technology like 3-D Fins, you're sure that we've had our eye on them for a long time, making sure that they're producing the kinds of Surfboard Fins we can stand by and that you can trust to be the best. Not sure which Surfboard Fins you need? Call us, we're here and we'll help. Thank you for considering The Surfboard Warehouse.

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