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At The Surfboard Warehouse we pride ourselves on having the largest selection of Surfboard Fins anywhere in the world and are the ONLY company that has built a system to allow you to test any Surfboard Fin we sell. Finatic™ is our one of a kind program that allows you to test Surfboard Fins from companies like FCS, Future Fins, Kinetik Racing, 3D Fins, Fin-S, Rainbow Fins and Turbo Tunnel. Finatic™ was started as a side project to The Surfboard Warehouse and has been around for 5 years, making the transition from concept to full blown industry standard. Why would you buy fins before you tried them? That's the question we asked when developing the Finatic™ Fin Testing Program™ and we hope you consider Finatic™ when choosing your next set of Surfboard Fins.

We have sold Surfboard Fins over the internet for almost 10 years and we use that experience when deciding which Surfboard Fins to carry and when we carry a fin line, we carry every fin they sell, so you know you're not missing anything. Whether we're talking about industry veterans like FCS, Future Fins or Rainbow Fins, up and coming companies like Kinetik Racing, companies doing their own thing like Turbo Tunnel or companies that have developed new technology like 3-D Fins and Fin-S, you're sure that we've had our eye on them for a long time, making sure that they're producing the kinds of products we can stand by and that you can trust to be the best. If you don't see the EXACT set of Surfboard Fins you're looking for or if you would like to purchase a single Fin or if you if you have any questions about any of our Surfboard Fins please use our live chat, call or email us! 813.436.0484

Don't know which fins to buy? Become a Finatic™ and try them all!
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