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Surfing Wetsuits: "Back Zip or Chest Zip Surfing Wetsuit"

An Article By: Chris Hough, CEO: The Surfboard Warehouse
Originally Posted: 5/15/2018

Surfing Wetsuits: "Back Zip or Chest Zip Surfing Wetsuit"

So here we go with a time tested debate that may never be won. I certainly have my opinion when it comes to Surf Wetsuits and whether one should go with a back zip or chest zip, but I will try to keep my personal bias out of this article and only present the facts. Well, I may add my bias, but I'll do it at the end as it pertains to myself. For the rest of you, if you're on the fence as to what type of Surfing Wetsuit to buy, read on and hopefully we'll all land in a place that's perfect for each one of us individually.

Surfing Wetsuit Back Zip, First Thing is First.

Since the "standard" Surf Wetsuit started with a back zip, we will also start our reviewing the pros and cons of the back zip. First and foremost, (believe it or not) the back zip Surf Wetsuit is actually the easiest of the two to get in and out of. This makes the Back Zip a clear contender when you're starting to get old and less flexible. (Yes, I actually said that) I personally am at an age where I'm on the fence, I'm not as flexible as I once was, but don't feel I absolutely have to wear a back zip Surf Wetsuit if I don't want to. Now, if your back zip is made with a good back panel and drainage you won't have a problem with cold water flooding your Surfing Wetsuit, so I don't want to hear that argument. The argument I will let stand is the fact that having the zipper on the back of your Surf Wetsuit does impair the stretch in this area, which can make paddling more difficult, so that is something to consider.

The "New School" Chest Zip Surf Wetsuit.

I say new school because chest zip Surfing Wetsuits have not been around as long as their back zip brothers, but they've definitely been here for the better part of a few decades, so they're not "unproven". (wrap you mind around that double negative) Ten years ago I might let you make the argument that chest zip Surf Wetsuits weren't as good as back zip, because honestly you might have been right, but not today, that argument just doesn't hold any water. You may not personally like a chest zip Surf Wetsuit, but making a blanket statement that they're not as good is just incorrect. Now, are they harder to get into and out of? Absolutely. Are they easier to paddle in? Arguably. That said, if you're flexible enough and want to try something different, get yourself into a chest zip Surf Wetsuit, it just may supersize you.

Surf  Wet Suits and the Conclusion.

Which do I ultimately prefer? I do believe that there's something to the flexibility through the back on a chest zip Surfing Wetsuit. That said, for me, they're impossible to get into and out of, that said, it should be mentioned from a warmth standpoint, there's no difference. One thing is certain, whether you decide to join forces with the light or dark side, (I'll let you decide which is which) if you buy a quality Surf Wetsuit, while making sure it's right for the environment you'll be surfing in, you're going to stay warm. On one final note, we have had enough feedback that I do believe surfers with broader chests should go with a back zip Surf Wetsuit. We hear it all the time with large size Surf Wetsuits and up, that the chest zip just does not flex enough and feels extremely restrictive to those with broader chest/shoulders.

At The Surfboard Warehouse we all surf, we care and we want you to get the right set Surf Wetsuit for your needs. Most importantly this means a Surfing Wetsuit that you'll love for several seasons, a Surf Wetsuit that you don't mind wearing. You're a surfer, we're an ACTUAL surf shop that understands Surfing Wetsuits. At The Surfboard Warehouse, on this very page, you'll see one of the largest selections of Surf Wetsuits in the world, at great prices. Can't decide on a chest zip vs back zip? Call us, we're here and we'll help. Thank you for considering The Surfboard Warehouse.

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Wetsuits: "Correctly Choosing a Surf Wetsuit for Where you Surf"

An Article By: Chris Hough, CEO: The Surfboard Warehouse
Originally Posted: 2/24/2017

Wetsuits: "Correctly Choosing a Surf Wetsuit for Where you Surf"

Choosing a Wetsuit for surfing is easy, make sure it fits and you're good to go, right? WRONG. If you go that route, you're certainly choosing a Wetsuit, but I can almost guarantee you it's not going to be the correct Wetsuit. The correct Surf Wetsuit will keep you warm, won't wear you out and will allow you to surf as long as possible given the elements that you're going to be facing. Hence, the first question you should be asking yourself is, "What elements is mother nature most likely to throw at me where I typically surf?"

The Perfect Surfing Wetsuit is Not Wearing One.

Lets start in a place we all want to be, surfing in an environment with relatively warm water, say mid 70's. Maybe the water and air are relatively consistent all year round, maybe for you we're talking about a scenario that only exists in the early fall or late spring, either way there are some things to consider with regards to a Surf Wetsuit. Is it typically breezy where you are? (hopefully offshore and not onshore) Do you get cold easy? If the answer to either is yes, the first thing you might want to consider is a topper. Maybe all you need is a Surf Wetsuit top, to keep your chest and top half warm when there's a cool breeze. Simple, effective and you'll be able to surf longer and more comfortably. For me personally, (surfing in FL) when the water hits the mid 70's it's time for a top and possibly a spring suit.

Surf Wetsuits for Cool Water.

Next, lets discuss water in the low 70's, which is not a bad place to be. Typically the low 70's means you'll need to be in a full Surf Wetsuit of some type. The air temperature may determine if your Surf Wetsuit is a 2/2 or 3/2. Here's where material gets into play. We have some high end Surf Wetsuits that use a thermal lining. While more expensive, I've found in some cases this means you can get away with a 2/2 at lower water temperatures, meaning you're retaining flexibility while staying warm, so a 2/2 here is definitely something to consider. If you get cold easy, or want a suit that will give you a bit more range, should the water fluctuate from the low 70's to high 60's you probably want to stick with a 3/2. If you go with a 3/2, you'll still have a good amount of flexibility in even the mid and low price points. It's just like anything else if you want maximum flexibility, you'll need to increase the budget for your Surf Wetsuit.

Cold Water and Your Surfing Wetsuit.

Now, where most of us don't want to be, water in the Mid 60's and below, but hey, when the surf is firing who cares! When looking at a Surf Wetsuit for this water temperature range, material of the suit becomes increasingly important. If you want to cut costs here, it WILL be at the expense of the length of your surf sessions. You might be able to get away with a 3/2 Surf Wetsuit that has a thermal lining for the higher end of this water temperature range. However, once you hit the low 60's it's time for a 4/3 and at some point you'll be looking for Wetsuit booties as well.

Beast Mode. Surf Wetsuit.

If you're surfing anything colder than 60, you're a beast and you probably know more about Surf Wetsuits than the average surfer, as you've been forced to learn or risk freezing to death. :) For you, the obvious 5/4 Wetsuit, 5/4 Hooded Wetsuit or possibly even a 6/5 Hooded Wetsuit is a must. If you're surfing some of the coldest water on the planet, it's likely you'll need booties and gloves depending on exactly how cold we're talking. Again, I can't stress this enough that material here makes a huge difference when it comes to warmth and flexibility, do your research, the dividends returned in waves will be well worth it.

At The Surfboard Warehouse, we have sold Wetsuits specific to the surf industry over the internet for over 10 years for every water temperature you can think of. We use that experience when deciding which Surf Wetsuits to carry and when we carry a line of Surf Wetsuits, we carry every Wetsuit the manufacturer sells, so you know you're not missing anything. Whether we're talking about industry veterans like Excel, O'neil or Body Glove, trending companies like Billabong, or smaller companies like Matuse, we physically get our hands on their suits, so that we know they're producing the kinds of  Wetsuits we can stand by and that you can trust to be the best. Make sure to stay tuned, as Wetsuits from Rip Curl are on the way! Not sure which Surf Wetsuit you need? Call us, we're here and we'll help. Thank you for considering The Surfboard Warehouse.

Surf Wetsuits From: O'neil, Xcel, Body Glove, Matuse, Billabong

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