Surfboard Bags: "How do I choose a Surfboard Bag?"

An Article By: Chris Hough, CEO: The Surfboard Warehouse

Choosing a Surfboard Bag should be a serious subject for any surfer. I mean what's the point of all the research done during the process of buying a new surfboard if you're not going get to the beach with that very board intact? All that time and research wasted, not to mention money and worse still, you could find yourself in a situation where the surf trip you've been planning for weeks or months (in some cases possibly years) is in jeopardy. I speak from experience, it's worth your time and money to make sure you have the right bag and in some cases this article could save you money, as you don't need to overspend. You simply need the right Surfboard Bag for your unique situation.

At the base level Surfboard Bags generally fall into three categories; surfboard socks, surfboard day bags and surfboard travel bags. Therefore, we must first decide what you're doing with your surfboard, are you storing it? Are you walking down the street to surf? Do you need to make a car ride to the beach in order to surf and if so will your surfboard be inside your car or on the roof? Perhaps you're planning a "surf trip" where air travel is involved. All of these are relevant questions to ask yourself when buying a Surfboard Bag.

The most cost effective option is the surfboard sock, offering very minimal protection, yet small and lightweight, therefor easy to carry and easy to store. If you live within walking distance to the beach or are able to put your surfboard inside your car a surfboard sock is a very viable option as you don't necessary need an actual "Surfboard Bag". However, to me if you're putting your surfboard on the roof of your car I would choose a surfboard day bag instead. Day bags are typically designed with at least one side that's heat reflective so that your surfboard stays cooler while in the sun, which helps protect your board and keeps your wax from getting all over everything. Keep this in mind while storing your board as well, if your board will be taking direct sunlight, a surfboard day bag is a better option than a sock.

When it comes to Surfboard Bags, travel surfboard bags get a bit more tricky, but at base level are designed for air travel when you don't know who will be handling your surfboard(s) or what they might do to it/them. Travel bags are usually designed with 10 mm of foam vs 5 mm that comes standard with most day bags. DO NOT PLAN AIR TRAVEL USING A DAY BAG. I understand the desire to save money and not spring for the more pricey travel bag, but a day bag IS NOT designed for air travel, so you're just asking for a disaster. There are cost effective travel surfboard bags that don't offer all the bells and whistles, but still give you that key 10 mm foam padding.

At The Surfboard Warehouse we all surf, we care and we want you to get the right Surfboard Bag for your needs. I completely understand price is an issue, that's why in most cases we offer FREE SHIPPING on ALL of our Surfboard Bags. That said I would caution you, know who you're buying your Surfboard Bag from. Don't get so suckered in by price that you're getting an old bag, or a bag not made by a reputable manufacturer. You're a surfer, we're an ACTUAL surf shop that understands Surfboard Bags. At The Surfboard Warehouse, on this very page, you'll see the largest selections of Surfboard Bags in the world, made by reputable manufactures, at great prices. Not sure which Surfboard Bag you need? Call us, we're here and we'll help. Thank you for considering The Surfboard Warehouse.

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