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Futures Fins Lost 5-Fin Set<br/>(Large | Carbon/Hex Core)

Futures Fins Lost 5-Fin Set
(Large | Carbon/Hex Core)

Future Fins - Lost Large<br/>Carbon/Blue Hex (5-Fin)
Future Fins - Lost Large
Carbon/Blue Hex (5-Fin)

Futures Fins Lost Large 5-Fin

The Futures Fins fin line is a complete line of both classic and modern fin designs, fused with the latest technology. Some of Futures Fins top team riders swear Futures Fins and work with them constantly to dial-in their templates and foils.

Futures Fins Lost 5-Fin

The Futures Fins Lost 5-Fin was designed by Matt "Mayhem" Biolos, is a large sized balanced quad/thruster combo with a ride number of 6.6/6.7 respectively. Designed with high performance surfing in mind these fins incorporate a carbon base that provides stability through turns, while enhancing the spring through the tip. The Quad rears have an 80/20 foil for increased responsiveness, and allow for a smooth transition with the Futures Fins Lost 5-Fin from performance Thruster to performance Quad. These fins are for medium surfers who want a fin with an ample amount of drive, but also serves as a loose, releasing fin for larger surfers.

Futures Fins Lost Large Thruster Fin Size:
180lbs+ (80kgs+)
Outline: Mat Biolos
Height 4.65 in. 11.81 cm.
Base 4.50 in. 11.43 cm.
Area 15.47 in.² 99.81 cm.²
Foil: Flat

Futures Fins Lost Large Rear Fin Size:

Height 4.00 in. 10.20 cm.
Base 3.88 in. 9.90 cm.
Area 11.43 in.² 73.74 cm.²
Foil: 80/20

The Futures Fins Lost Large available: in Carbon/Blue Hex

Finatic Fin Reviews
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"Great Quad Fin"
- Lance I., Bainbridge Island, WA on the Futures Fins MB2 (Matt Biolos Signature) - 5 Fin

Overall Fin Rating: 4.0

Height: 6'2"
Weight: > 200 lbs.
Surfing Experience: (1 - 10): 5

Home Break: Crescent Beach
Where did you surf these fins: Crescent Beach
Wave Height: 2 - 4 ft.
Wave Conditions: Fair
Misc. Wave/Location Information: N/A

Type of Board: Hybrid
Board Size: 7 ft. 6 in.
Fin Setup: Quad
Misc. Board Information: N/A

Other Thoughts: Had good hold for a fin on the small end of the spectrum for what I like. Great quad fin.

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