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Futures Fins Lost Fins<br/>(Large 5-Fin)

Futures Fins Lost Fins
(Large 5-Fin)

Future Fins Lost Large 5-Fin<br/>Black/Blue Hex
Future Fins Lost Large 5-Fin
Black/Blue Hex

Futures Fins Lost Large 5-Fin

Futures Fins classic series is a complete line of classic fin designs, fused with the latest technology. Some of Futures Fins top team riders swear by these fins and work with them constantly to dial-in their templates and foils.

Futures Fins Lost Large

The Matt Biolos Lost Large Black & Blue model is a graphic honeycomb for medium surfers who want a fin with an ample amount of drive but also serves as a loose, releasing fin for larger surfers.
Futures Fins Lost Large are HERE! - The long awaited release of the Futures Fins Lost Large Fins has finally come! These brand new fins come with a lot of Hype and a slightly smaller rears than it's predecessor.
Futures Fins Lost Large Side & Trailer (Thruster) Fin Sizes:
Height 4.65 in. 11.81 cm.
Base 4.50 in. 11.43 cm.
Area 15.47 in.² 99.81 cm.²

Futures Fins Lost Large Quad Rear Size:
Height 4.00 in. 10.20 cm.
Base 3.88 in. 9.90 cm.
Area 11.43 in.² 73.74 cm.²
The Futures Fins Lost Large available: in Black/Blue

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"Great Quad Fin"
- Lance I., Bainbridge Island, WA on the Futures Fins MB2 (Matt Biolos Signature) - 5 Fin

Overall Fin Rating: 4.0

Height: 6'2"
Weight: > 200 lbs.
Surfing Experience: (1 - 10): 5

Home Break: Crescent Beach
Where did you surf these fins: Crescent Beach
Wave Height: 2 - 4 ft.
Wave Conditions: Fair
Misc. Wave/Location Information: N/A

Type of Board: Hybrid
Board Size: 7 ft. 6 in.
Fin Setup: Quad
Misc. Board Information: N/A

Other Thoughts: Had good hold for a fin on the small end of the spectrum for what I like. Great quad fin.

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