FCS Traction Pad - T1 <br />(Multiple Colors)

FCS Traction Pad - T1
(Multiple Colors)

FCS Traction Pad<br/>T-1 - Blue Fade
FCS Traction Pad
T-1 - Blue Fade
FCS Traction Pad<br/>T-1 - Black/Charcoal
FCS Traction Pad
T-1 - Black/Charcoal
FCS Traction Pad<br/>T-1 - Charcoal/Camo
FCS Traction Pad
T-1 - Charcoal/Camo
FCS Traction Pad<br/>T-1 - Aqua/Camo
FCS Traction Pad
T-1 - Aqua/Camo
FCS Traction Pad<br/>T-1 - Blue
FCS Traction Pad
T-1 - Blue
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FCS T1 Traction Pad

The new FCS Traction marries considered design with performance features and superior materials. Focusing on comfort, support and increased grip, FCS Traction keeps your foot connected to the board so you can push hard against your fins for maximum speed and drive.

FCS T1 Traction Pad

The FCS T-1 Traction Pad is a 1 piece high performance shortboard Traction Pad for narrow tail surfboards that features double diamond groove to lock your feet into position. FCS T1 Traction Pad also features a coffin bar arch, a low tail kick, sanded surfaces for enhanced grip, is ultra thin for sensitivity and is perforated for extra resistance.

FCS T1 Traction Pad
: Available in Blue Fade, Black/Charcoal, and Charcoal/Camo

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