Stay Covered Surfboard Day Bag<br/>Shortboard (Multiple Sizes)

Stay Covered Surfboard Day Bag
Shortboard (Multiple Sizes)

Stay Covered: Shortboard Day Bag
Stay Covered: Shortboard Day Bag

Stay Covered Shortboard Day Bag

Stay Covered makes Surfboard Day Bags that run with the best of them and their Shortboard Day Bag is NO exception! The Stay Covered Shortboard Day Bag has .24in. closed cell foam under heavy duty tarpoline on one side and 600 Denier on the other! This Surfboard Bag also features a heavy duity zipper along the rail with rail zipper padding, nose and tail patches, a padded sholder strap and an extra large accessory pocket! Stay Covered truly has your board covered with their Shortboard Day Bag!
Stay Covered: Surfboard Day Bag - Shortboard Holds: 1 shortboard with or with out the fins and accessories.
Stay Covered: Surfboard Day Bag - Shortboard Sizes: 6'0"; 6'3"; 6'6"; 7'0" and 7'6"
Stay Covered: Surfboard Day Bag - Shortboard Color/Material: Cool Grey/Black Nylon w/Silver Tarpee

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