FCS Soft Roof Racks <br/ > (Double D-Ring)

FCS Soft Roof Racks
(Double D-Ring)

FCS Double Soft Roof Racks w/D-Ring
FCS Double Soft Roof Racks w/D-Ring
FCS Soft Roof Racks
**FCS Soft Roof Racks come in Single or Double Rack systems, both with either D-Ring or Cam Lock buckles, which can ALL be ordered on this page! 
The FCS Soft Roof Racks D-Ring and Cam Lock fit almost every car, van SUV, etc. With square non-rolling pads, heavy-duty 38mm webbing and tough metal buckles, you know FCS has Soft Roof Racks that will keep your boards on top of your car. No worries!
FCS: Soft Roof Rack Pads Sizes:
Single: Holds 1 to 3 shortboards or 1 to 2 longboards
Double: Holds 1 to 6 shortboards or 1 to 4 longboards
FCS: Soft Roof Racks Available: in Premium or Cam Lock
*Premium offer a tough metal D-Ring Buckle, while Cam Lock offer a self locking Cam Buckle
 **Please "View Larger Image" for more product information/pics.
 **The FCS Cam Lock and SINGLE Premium Roof Racks CAN NOT be ordered on this page as this product has been edited to reflect the $50.00 to $100.00 price range of our gift guide. To order the FCS Cam Lock or SINGLE Premium Roof Racks click here

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