Sticky Bumps Wax 10 Count <br /> (Warm/Tropical OR Cool/Cold)

Sticky Bumps Wax 10 Count
(Warm/Tropical OR Cool/Cold)

Sticky Bumps<br/>Warm/Tropical Wax<br/>10 Count
Sticky Bumps
Warm/Tropical Wax
10 Count
Sticky Bumps<br/>Cool/Cold Wax<br/>10 Count
Sticky Bumps
Cool/Cold Wax
10 Count
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Sticky Bumps Wax
Sticky Bumps Wax Tropical or Cold has set the standard that all other Wax must live up to. This is Wax as you have come to expect! It gives you the grip you need, whether it's walking to the nose OR pulling off a high performance maneuver on your shred stick! If you're surfing in water temp. ABOVE 75º then Sticky Bumps Tropical Wax is the Wax you want. If the water temp is BELOW 68º then Cold is the way to go!!
Sticky Bumps Tropical Wax: Available in a 10 count package. (In the $10.00 - $25.00 range of the Gift Guide)
*We also have 2 and 5 count Wax packages that can be found here

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