Dakine Wet Hat - Indo<br/>(All Colors | All Sizes)

Dakine Wet Hat - Indo
(All Colors | All Sizes)

Dakine Wet Hat<br/>Indo - Field Camo
Dakine Wet Hat
Indo - Field Camo
Dakine Wet Hat<br/>Indo - Black
Dakine Wet Hat
Indo - Black
Dakine Wet Hat<br/>Indo - Grey
Dakine Wet Hat
Indo - Grey
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Dakine Indo Wet Hat

The Dakine Indo Wet Hat is a "Surf Hat" made specifically for surfing, with a SPF quick dry nylon material and adjustable chin strap that will ensure a comfortable fit for long periods in the water. The Indo is designed with a brim that sheds away water after duck diving and flips up for paddling, removable neck protection that can store inside the hat, and has a floating hat design. The Dakine Indo Wet Hat is perfect for those who are looking for a little extra sun protection that won't get away from you in the waves.

Dakine Indo Wet Hat Sizes: Small/Medium or Large/Extra Large

Dakine Indo Wet Hat Colors: available in Field Camo, Black and Grey. 

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