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Creatures of Leisure<br/>10ft. SUP Leash (Knee & Ankle)

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Creatures of Leisure<br/>10ft. SUP Leash (Knee & Ankle)

Creatures of Leisure</br>10ft. SUP Ankle Leash - Black
Creatures of Leisure
10ft. SUP Ankle Leash - Black
Price: $38.99 
Creatures of Leisure<br/>10ft. SUP Knee Leash - Black
Creatures of Leisure
10ft. SUP Knee Leash - Black
Price: $38.99 

Creatures of Leisure 10ft SUP Leash

**Get the Creatures SUP 10ft. Knee or Ankle Leash on this page! 
DNA Flex Mold
Creatures of Leisure found that the cord/mold connection is the weakest spot in your average leash. So they FIXED IT! Creatures of Leisure Leashes have an ingenious DNA flex mould that is bonded to the cord in such a way that cord and moud stretch together when under pressure, resisting breakage. DNA flex mold is another world first innovation from Creatures of Leisure.

Stainless Steel Bearing Swivel
Creatures of Leisure has also designed and developed the stainless steel bearing swivel. This swivel is the ULTIMATE weapon in the fight against leash tangles. You see, unlike regular swivels, the bearing swivel (patent pending/registered design) lubricates itself as it spins. This unique capability ensures continuous, friction-free rotation which prevents the swivel from ever becoming ‘stuck’. Generally speaking, a swivel that doesn't get stuck creates a leash that doesn't tangle. Made from marine grade stainless steel and self-lubricating bearing plastic, it’s virtually unbreakable, outlives any comparable swivel and is resistant to corrosion. The stainless steel bearing swivel is a another world first innovation, exclusive to Creatures of Leisure. Be sure your leash has it!
Surefire Leash Release
If things get hairy and getting separated from your leash becomes a real priority, Creatures of Leisure's surefire leash release is there for you! The surefire leash release is a unique urethane-coated tab that sits permanently upright in an easily accessible loop. It’s simple, smart and very dependable. The surefire leash release is another world first innovation designed and developed by Creatures of Leisure.

The Creatures  Leash is the ultimate leash! Whether your surfing in large surf or using the leash with a SUP board the  is the way to go! Creatures of Leisure has designed their  DNA Leash with their patented DNA flex mold, a single stainless steel bearing swivel and surefire leash release that combine to create one of the strongest, safest, tangle free leashes on the market! The Creatures of Leisure  Leash was designed using urethane cord to provide the ultimate strength, stretch and elasticity. And don't forget that the Creatures of Leisure  DNA Leash has a 12 month manufacturer guarantee! That's how confident Creatures is that the  Leash will perform how they say it will!

Creatures of Leisure 9ft. Longboard SUP Leash Size:
10ft. x 5/16 in.
Cuff Width: 2.0 in.
Railsaver Width: 1.5 in.

Creatures of Leisure SUP Leash Size/Recommended Wave Size:

10' x 5/16" - 4 - 6ft waves

Creatures of Leisure SUP Leash Colors: Available in Solid Black

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