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Futures Fins SB1 Side Bites<br/ >(Thermotech | Glass | RWC)

Futures Fins SB1 Side Bites
(Thermotech | Glass | RWC)

Futures Fins - SB1 Longboard Side Bites<br/>Glass Black (Side Bite Pair)
Futures Fins - SB1 Longboard Side Bites
Glass Black (Side Bite Pair)
Futures Fins - SB1 Longboard Side Bites<br/>Thermotech (Side Bite Pair)
Futures Fins - SB1 Longboard Side Bites
Thermotech (Side Bite Pair)
Futures Fins - SB1 Longboard Side Bites<br/>RWC (Side Bite Pair)
Futures Fins - SB1 Longboard Side Bites
RWC (Side Bite Pair)
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Futures Fins SB1 Side Bites

Technology Applied to Old School Style Longboard Center and Side Bites
Futures Fins latest line up of Longboard fins include Classic Glass Fins and Side Bites, their patented Force Foil™, their unique Engineered Flex Technology, and signature surf series. By matching fin composite fibers and materials, with exclusive flex patterns, Futures Fins is able to offer you a myriad of torsion patterns that provide you the exact feel that your looking for. From lightweight groms and girls to heavyweights and pros, you can easily find the Longboard Fin and/or Side Bites you need.

Futures Fins SB1 Side Bites:
The SB1 Side Bites are the most popular flat sided template in Futures Fins Side Bite line. The SB1 template is a great all around fin for the 2+1 Set up.

Futures Fins SB1 Fin Material
Solid Glass fins are the stiffest material made by Futures Fins. Solid Glass fins will give you a consistent, long lasting flex pattern, perfect for Longboard Fins and Fins made specifically for larger surf, where the fin will experience a lard amount of torque.

Thermotech fins have a consistent flex that holds great on the bottom and then release through turns. If you’re looking for that glass on look, at a lower price point Thermotech is for you.

Reclaimed Wood Composite, (RWC) is the first of its kind, made up of 30% reclaimed wood that would have ended up in local landfills.Future Fins RWC is an environmentally conscious product that requires no new trees to be cut down. The material is formulated and produced in the United States and the final product is produced in Huntington Beach, California, allowing for a huge reduction of the overall carbon footprint.

Futures Fins SB1 Side Bite Fin Size:
Height: 3.57in. 9.10m.
Base: 3.91in. 9.90cm.
Area: 10.77in.² 69.48cm.²
Foil: Flat

*Futures Fins SB1 Note: The SB1's ONLY come in the 3/4in. Tang.

Futures Fins SB1 Side Bites Available: in Thermotech and Glass Black
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