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FCS Fins Q-1000c Series <br />31000c 51000c 71000c<br/> (Quad | Glass Flex)

FCS Fins Q-1000c Series
31000c 51000c 71000c
(Quad | Glass Flex)

FCS Q-31000c Quad Fins<br/>Glass Flex (Quad-Fin Set)
FCS Q-31000c Quad Fins
Glass Flex (Quad-Fin Set)
FCS Q-51000c Quad Fins<br/>Glass Flex (Quad-Fin Set)
FCS Q-51000c Quad Fins
Glass Flex (Quad-Fin Set)
FCS Q-71000c Quad Fins<br/>Glass Flex (Quad-Fin Set)
FCS Q-71000c Quad Fins
Glass Flex (Quad-Fin Set)
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FCS Quad Q-1000c Quad Fin Set (Q-31000c, Q-51000c, Q-71000c)

The FCS Q-1000 Series Quad Fins are a member of the FCS "Core Series", which is designed to suit a diverse range of conditions and surfers.

FCS Q-31000c, Q-51000 and Q-71000 Quad Fins

The FCS Quad Q-1000c series fins are geared to enhance the performance of quads with wider tails which require slightly more fin area. The symmetrical rear fins on this set create smoother rail-to-rail transition in a variety of conditions and have three different sizes that cater to all surfers in all around conditions.

FCS Q-1000 Series Fin Material
Glass Flex is a molded composite fin with engineered flex tip response and has the most flex of any material that FCS makes.

FCS Q-31000c Quad Front Fin Size: 121lbs/55kg -154lbs/70kg
Base: 4.28 in. 109.0 mm
Depth: 4.41 in. 112.0 mm
Area: 14.22 in.² 9172 mm²
Sweep: 31°

FCS Q-51000c Quad Front Fin Size:
154lbs/70kg -176lbs/80kg
Base: 4.37 in. 111.0 mm
Depth: 4.55 in. 115.0 mm
Area: 14.76 in.² 9525 mm²
Sweep: 33°

FCS Q-71000c Quad Front Fin Size: 165lbs/75kg - 198lbs/90kg
Base: 4.52in. 115.0mm
Depth: 4.67in. 119.0mm
Area: 15.71in.² 10137mm²
Sweep: 33°

FCS Q-1000c Quad Rears Fin Size:
Base: 4.10 in. 104.0 mm
Depth: 4.26 in. 108.0 mm
Area: 12.64 in² 8158 mm²
Sweep: 32.4°

The FCS Q-31000c, Q-51000c and Q-71000c Fins: available in Glass Flex

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