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Futures Fins V2 EA Thruster<br/>(Vector 2 | Thermotech)

Futures Fins V2 EA Thruster
(Vector 2 | Thermotech)

Future Fins Vector 2 - EA<br/>Thermotech (Tri-Fin Set)
Future Fins Vector 2 - EA
Thermotech (Tri-Fin Set)

Futures Fins Vector 2 EA

The Futures Fins Vector 2 fins were built to blend the two best foils and fin physics developed. The Vector foil found at the base of the fin increases the lift force that accelerates you into the turn. This ease of turn initiation is achieved by using unique, scientifically based, high lift double-sided foils that Futures Fins as developed and patented. Deriving concepts from the science of lift through aircraft wings, there is no flat inner side to the Vector 2 fins. Towards the tip of the fin there is a transition into a conventional foil fin tip to extend the turn and allow a fluid release. This Vector and conventional fin tip combination of the Futures Fins V2 Foil provides tighter turns and allows the rider to finish a turn in a controlled manner.

Futures Fins V2 EA
The V2 EA Fins are Futures Fins Eric Arakawa signature set in a Vector 2 foil! The EA template accompanied by a Vector 2 Foil are perfect for in the pocket surfing, medium-large sized waves and powerful surfers. Used by some of the top pros thru out the world, the Futures Fins V2 EA is one of our most popular fins!

Futures Fins V2 EA Fin Material
Thermotech fins have a consistent flex that holds great on the bottom and then release through turns. If you’re looking for that glass on look, at a lower price point Thermotech is for you.

Futures Fins V2 EA Thruster Fin Size: 145lbs. - 195lbs. (65kg - 88kg)
Outline: E. Arakawa
Height: 4.57 in. 11.6 cm.
Base: 4.40 in. 11.2 cm.
Area: 15.16 in.² 97.81 cm²
Foil: V2
Futures Fins Vector 2 - EA : available in Thermotech

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