Hydro Bodyboards <br/>Zapper 42" (Multiple Colors)

Hydro Bodyboards
Zapper 42" (Multiple Colors)

Hydro Bodyboards <br/>Zapper 42" - Aqua
Hydro Bodyboards
Zapper 42" - Aqua
Hydro Bodyboards <br/>Zapper 42" - Pink
Hydro Bodyboards
Zapper 42" - Pink
Hydro Bodyboards <br/>Zapper 42" - Green
Hydro Bodyboards
Zapper 42" - Green
Hydro Bodyboards <br/>Zapper 42" - Yellow
Hydro Bodyboards
Zapper 42" - Yellow
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Hydro Bodyboards Zapper 42"

Hydro is pretty much the standard when it comes to offering a wide range of Bodybaords and Bodyboard Products. With Hydro you get the products you want, with the features you want, at the price point you want. If you're looking for a Bodyboard for those days when you want to switch it up in the water, look no further than Hydro.

Hydro Bodyboards Zapper 42"
The Zapper is Hydro's high quality, entry level Bodyboard, offering a durable board with features and performance found in other more expensive boards. With the Zapper you get a 100% waterproof EPS core, a IXL PE 4mm deck, EVA rails and a HDPE Slick (bottom).

Hydro Bodyboards Zapper 42": Available in Aqua, Blue, Pink, Green and Yellow.

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