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FCS II Fins Performer<br/> Thruster Surfboard Fins<br/> Used From Finatic<br/> (FREE SHIPPING)

FCS II Fins Performer
Thruster Surfboard Fins
Used From Finatic

FCS II Performer Fins - Thruster<br/>Neo Glass  (Tri-Fin Set)<br/>Used From Finatic
FCS II Performer Fins - Thruster
Neo Glass (Tri-Fin Set)
Used From Finatic

FCS II Performer Fins (Thruster)

These fins ARE USED from FINATIC™. They show signs of use but are in good condition. Used Finatic™ Fin sales are AS IS and NON-Refundable.

The FCS II Performer Fins are a member of the FCS Essential Series range, come as a Thruster Set and are designed to be used exclusively with the FCS II Fin system. They will not fit into the traditional FCS Dual Plug System.

FCS II Performer Fins

The FCS II Performer Fins were designed to be the perfect all-round fin. This fin uses the new FCS II technology which requires no screws. This easy system allows surfers to connect with the board and the water giving you the most premium surfing experience. With its well proportioned template and inside Foil Technology (ITF), the FCS II Performance Fins deliver a balance of speed, flow and response and are perfect for a wide range of conditions, from beach breaks to point breaks. In short, the FCS II Performer Fins are for surfers who want a reliable "all around" fin, offering speed and maneuverability between turns and are perfect for most board types.

FCS II Performer Fin Material
Performance Core Carbon yields a high performance lightweight fin with Carbon strategically placed to give the fin the best flex patterns possible. The FCS II Performer in Performance Core Carbon now uses a NEW PCC construction with ‘Linear Flex’ which produces a 3D twist & roll action resulting in a fast, super responsive fin that feels much smoother through turns. Performance Core Carbon fins suit fast surfing and are favored by more advanced surfers who like to perform explosive turns on critical parts of the wave.

The FCS II Performer Fins Performance Core Carbon: available in Small, Medium, and Large.

Performance Core material and construction is designed to deliver the feeling of a traditional fiberglass fin with added performance and reduced weight. The Resin Transfer Molding process produces a lightweight fin with amazing flex and smooth feel.

The FCS II Performer Fins Performance Core: available in Grom and Medium.

Neo Glass construction consists of milled fiberglass that is nylon blended, which delivers pro performance through increased stiffness and high memory recall. Neo glass quickly accelerates and maintains momentum through transitioning turns.

The FCS II Performer Fins Neo Glass: available in Small, Medium and Large.

Glass Flex has been formulated to replicate the flex and memory properties of hand layered fiberglass. This material will be more flexible than the other materials in this range. Some surfers may prefer the feel of glass flex in smaller surf. It also gives a more positive flex pattern and remarkable flex memory.

The FCS II Performer Fins Glass Flex: available in Medium.

FCS II Performer X-Small Fin Size:
Under 120lbs/55kg
Base: 4.13 in. 105 mm.
Depth: 4.30 in. 109 mm.
Area: 13.26 in.² 8554 mm.²
Sweep: 33.7°
Foil: ITF

FCS II Performer Small Fin Size:
120lbs/55kg -155lbs/70kg
Base: 4.25 in. 108 mm.
Depth: 4.43 in. 112 mm.
Area: 13.26 in.² 9054 mm.²
Sweep: 33.7°
Foil: ITF

FCS II Performer Medium Fin Size:
145lbs/65kg -175lbs/80kg
Base: 4.37 in. 111 mm.
Depth: 4.55 in. 115 mm.
Area: 14.81 in.² 9554 mm.²
Sweep: 33.7°
Foil: ITF

FCS II Performer Large Fin Size:
165lbs/75kg - 200lbs/90kg
Base: 4.48 in. 114 mm.
Depth: 4.67 in. 118 mm.
Area: 15.58 in.² 10054 mm.²
Sweep: 33.7°
Foil: ITF

FCS II Performer X-Large Fin Size:
Over 190lbs/85kg
Base: 4.59 in. 117 mm.
Depth: 4.78 in. 121 mm.
Area: 16.36 in.² 10554 mm.²
Sweep: 33.7°
Foil: ITF

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