Softech Surfboards<br/> K.K. Rocket Rish<br/> Kyuss King Signature<br/> (All Sizes | FCS II Fins)

Softech Surfboards
K.K. Rocket Rish
Kyuss King Signature
(All Sizes | FCS II Fins)

Softech Performance Series<br/> KK Rocket Fish Surfboard - Marble Black/White
Softech Performance Series
KK Rocket Fish Surfboard - Marble Black/White
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Softech KK Rocket Fish Surfboard

The Softech Performance Series Surfboards are designed for intermediate to advanced surfers, these unique models offer Shortboard performance in soft board materials. This years Softech Surfboards will make you rethink your Surfboard Quiver and will make you redefine "Beater Board".

Softech Kyuss King Rocket Fish
The Softech KK Rocket Fish Surfboard Designed in collaboration with Kyuss King, is a generously volumed fish with hand shaped rails will get you from A to B in a hurry. Key features include an ultralite PE Wrap DSS, (Double Sided Slick) a reinforced mesh bottom, with a 100% waterproof X-Density EPS Foam Core, a full double stringer and a 4x rail system with a Thruster setup. Flat and fast, the Soft Tech KK Rocket Fish is a small wave weapon that turns on a dime. This surfboard will heighten the fun factor on those mushy days when you might not even paddle out.

Additional Information: The Softech Rocket Fish Twin comes in a 4'8" and a 5'8" which is suitable for surfers up to 176 lbs. and 185 lbs. prospectively and comes with a set of FCS II Soft Flex Fins that feature a Performer Medium template with a 50/50 foil.

Softech Rocket Fish Surfboard - Stats at a Glance:

4' 8" 21" 2 1/8" Swallow
5' 8" -- -- Swallow

Softech Rocket Fish Twin - available in: Marble Black/White

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