Fins Puller<br/> Fin Removal Tool<br/>(Works w/FCS II & Futures)

Fins Puller
Fin Removal Tool
(Works w/FCS II & Futures)

Fin Puller - Fin Removal Tool
Fin Puller - Fin Removal Tool
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Fin Puller Fin Removal Tool

Designed in California and used coast to coast worldwide Fin Puller works with virtually any removable fin system including FCS II and Futures. The patent-pending design is engineered for both fin removal and installation. Its lever-action creates a smooth, dependable and effortless operation. With its slim, lightweight design and compact size the Fin Puller is an easy-to-use solution designed to benefit every surfing experience.

Any Fin, Any Surfer.

Fin Puller Fin Removal Tool
Save your hands, fins and boxes with the patented fin removal and installation system. Fin Puller works with virtually any system. It’s small, compact and the removal and installing process is effortless and smooth. The fin Puller uses recycled materials and donates 1% of all profits to ocean conservancy.

(Owners' best pick! "The Fin Puller Removal Tool is perfect. It Takes out, and puts in anything you got with ease, and it's thoughtful design won't hurt your surfboard.")

Fins Puller Fin Removal Tool: Easily removes any FCS II or Futures Fins.

Fin Puller Fin Removal Tool: in Black. (Not that we need any color options, but we can dream.)

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