FinsOut<br/> Fin Removal Tool<br/>(Works w/ FCS II Fins)

Fin Removal Tool
(Works w/ FCS II Fins)

FinsOut - Fin Removal Tool
FinsOut - Fin Removal Tool
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FinsOut Fin Removal Tool

Swapping fins out of your surfboard just got a whole lot easier. Finsout® is a handy tool compatible with the revolutionary FCS II Fin System. The FinsOut Fin Removal Tool carries a patent-pending fin friendly design, which enables you to change your FCS II fins with a simple flick of the wrist and was released earlier this year to universal acclaim from core and professional surfers alike.

(Owners' best pick! "The FinsOut Removal Tool is my go to for stubborn FCS II Fins that don't want to come out.")

FinsOut Fin Removal Tool: Easily removes any FCS II Fins

FinsOut Fin Removal Tool: in Black. (Not that we need any color options, but we can dream.)

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