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Futures Fins Safety Series<br/>F2, & F8<br/>(Soft Tech | Thruster)

Futures Fins Safety Series
F2, & F8
(Soft Tech | Thruster)

Future Fins - F2 Safety<br/>Soft Fins (Tri-Fin Set)
Future Fins - F2 Safety
Soft Fins (Tri-Fin Set)
Future Fins - F8 Safety<br/>Soft Fins (Tri-Fin Set)
Future Fins - F8 Safety
Soft Fins (Tri-Fin Set)
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Futures Fins Safety Fins (F2, F8)

Futures Fins classic series is a complete line of classic fin designs, fused with the latest technology. Some of Futures Fins top team riders swear by these fins and work with them constantly to dial-in their templates and foils. The new F series from Futures contains the F2, F4, F6, and F8. These fins are balanced templates that are designed to work for all surfers in all conditions. The solid base directly transfers power, while the tip is still flexible and resilient allowing it to bend and load up.

Futures Fins Safety Fin Material
The next generation of Futures Fins has arrived! They've added a new range of soft fins to their line, with both Surf and Paddle options. The new range of Soft Fins offers the performance you would expect from the Futures brand, while meeting the increasing demand for a safer and more flexible fin set.

The Futures Fins Safety Fins are great for kids learning how to surf, where falling is common and contact with the fins could occur. By using a softer material, the risk of fin cuts is greatly reduced.

Futures Fins F2 Safety Grom Fins
Futures Fins is FINALLY giving groms some new options! The Futures Fins F2 is here! The F2 has a balanced fin template for groms and feather weight surfers. Futures Fins doesn't want this fin to be taken lightly! (Pun intended)

Futures Fins F2 Safety Fin Size: 75lbs - 115lbs (34kg - 52kg)
Height: 4.15 in. 10.54cm.
Base: 3.97 in. 10.08 cm.
Area: 12.56 in.²  81.50 cm.²
Foil: Flat

Futures Fins F8 Safety Fins
The F8 is a larger balanced fin, combining medium flex characteristics with a performance template to create one of the most versatile fins for large surfers. The F8 provides the perfect amount of drive and hold when on rail. Now available in Honeycomb, which turns the F8 into an even more proven high performance fin.

Futures Fins F8 Safety Fin Size: 180lb+ (80kg+)
Height: 4.64 in. 11.78 cm.
Base: 4.47 in. 11.35 cm.
Area: 15.90 in.² 102.58 cm.²
Foil: Flat

The Futures Fins Safety Fins: available in Soft Tech

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