Creatures Fin Wallet<br/> (Surf Accessories Case)

Creatures Fin Wallet
(Surf Accessories Case)

Creatures Surf Accessiores Case
Creatures Surf Accessiores Case

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Creatures Surf Accessories Case

The Creatures Surf Accessories Case is the ultimate surf travel companion. Featuring multiple different sized pockets and room for three sets of surfboard fins, fin keys, leash strings, wax combs, wax, sunscreen, even a spare leash! The Creatures of Leisure Surf Accessories Case has a loop at the back so it can be connected/used with a modular packing system, so you know it will have you covered, when you need it, you'll have it.

Creatures Surf Accessories Case Holds: At lest 3 sets of fins, plus room for other small surf essentials.

Creatures Surf Accessories Colors Available: in Black and Orange.

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