Dakine 6ft. Superlite<br/>Surfboard Leash (6ft. | Clear)

Dakine 6ft. Superlite
Surfboard Leash (6ft. | Clear)

Dakine 6ft. Superlite<br/>Surfboard Leash - Clear
Dakine 6ft. Superlite
Surfboard Leash - Clear

Dakine 6ft. Superlite Leash

The Dakine 6ft. Superlite Leash is made with a hollow cord to float and minimize hangups in shallow reefs and kelp. This is a high performance leash for generation next, designed with a 1/4"  (6.5mm) floating/hollow urethane Dura-cord for maximum strength! The Dakine Superlite Leash line also includes precision molded 2.0 in. (50 mm) neoprene ankle cuff with Posi-Lock hook and loop closure, and 100% marine grade stainless steel swivels for maximum comfort and a tangle free leash. Don't forget that Dakine also includes a 1 in. (40mm) removable triple wrapped rail saver and a one of a kind Easy Clip compatibility for maximum safety! With a Superlite Leash from Dakine, you won't feel like your using a leash at all!

Dakine Superlite Leash Size: 6ft.

Dakine 6ft. Superlite Leash Thickness: 1/4 in. (1.83 mm) Highest quality urethane Dura-Cord for maximum strength.

The Dakine 6ft. Superlite Leash is best surfed up to shoulder high to double overhead.

Dakine 6ft. Superlite Leash Colors: Available in Clear

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