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FCS II Fins Retro Keel<br/> Twin Fin Performance Glass<br/> (Multiple Colors)

FCS II Fins Retro Keel
Twin Fin Performance Glass
(Multiple Colors)

FCS II Retro Keel Fins<br/> Performance Glass Maroon (Twin-Fin Set)
FCS II Retro Keel Fins
Performance Glass Maroon (Twin-Fin Set)
FCS II Retro Keel Fins<br/> Performance Glass Clear (Twin-Fin Set)
FCS II Retro Keel Fins
Performance Glass Clear (Twin-Fin Set)
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FCS II Retro Keel (Twin Fin)

The FCS II Retro Keel Fins are FINALLY here! After being fine tuned by FCS, the Retro Keel Twin template is now a member of the FCS II Specialty Series, come as a Twin Fin and are designed to be used exclusively with the FCS II Fin system. They will not fit into the traditional FCS Dual Plug System.

FCS II Retro Keel Fin
The FCS II Retro Keel Fins come a a Twin Fin setup and feature a low aspect Keel template that is designed for fish shapes with contemporary outlines and concaves and is the lowest area Keel in the FCS II range, so it's recommended for boards with the FCS II plugs set further back on the tail. The FCS II Retro Keel will feel fast and loose with minimal drag and encourages a more progressive and radical approach to riding a fish.

FCS II Retro Keel Fin Material

Performance Glass fins are made by a CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machine, using woven fiberglass resin, creating extremely accurate templates for surfers looking for acute precision. Performance Glass fins typically excel in powerful surf, have a predictable flex pattern designed to mimic glass-on fins, are favored by intermediate-advanced surfers, are explosive and will hold a line.

The FCS II Keel Fins Performance Glass: available in a Twin Fin

FCS II Retro Keel Fin Size:
Base: 4.61 in. 117 mm
Depth: 4.73 in. 120 mm
Area: 22.58 in.² 14565 mm²
Sweep: 47°
Foil: 70/30

The FCS Retro Keel Fins: available in Maroon and Clear

Finatic Fin Reviews
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"Grabs well!"
- Tony H., Kailua, HI on the FCS MR-TFX Twin Fins

Overall Fin Rating: 5.0

Height: 5'10"
Weight: 171 - 180 lbs.
Surfing Experience: (1 - 10): 8

Home Break: Sandy Beach
Where did you surf these fins: South and East Shore Oahu
Wave Height: 4 - 6 ft.
Wave Conditions: Fair
Misc. Wave/Location Information: N/A

Type of Board: Shortboard
Board Size: 7 ft.
Fin Setup: Thruster
Misc. Board Information: N/A

Other Thoughts: Excellent! Grabs well, lots of drive.

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