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3D Fins Jamie O'Brien <br/>Channel Tip Fins <br />(Futures Bases | Carbon)

3D Fins Jamie O'Brien
Channel Tip Fins
(Futures Bases | Carbon)

3D Fins Jamie O'Brien<br/>w/ Channel Tip - Tri-Fin Set<br/>(Futures Compatible)
3D Fins Jamie O'Brien
w/ Channel Tip - Tri-Fin Set
(Futures Compatible)
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3D Jamie O'Brien Channel Tip Fins (Futures Compatible)

*3D Fins ARE made either FCS II or Future Fins compatible.
**Click here for the FCS II Version.

Do you want extra drive and hold? If you do, then any Surfboard Fin in the 3D Fin line is a must have for your quiver. The combination of the swept back rake along with 3D Fins patented dimple technology allows their fins to create incredible drive, quick release through turns and great hold in bottom turns. The 3D Fin line is comprised of different sizes and templates for different sized surfers and surf styles and are Josh Kerr's signature fins. Independent tests have proven the dimples on the 3D Fins increase lift and drive by up to 15%. This gives a surfer the ability to gain more speed and with more speed comes the opportunity for more advanced maneuvers.

3D Fins Jamie O'Brien Channel Tip Fins

The 3D Fins Jamie O'Brien (JOB Signature) Fins are a medium sized 3D Futures Compatible template, combined with dimples and Channel Tip technology, that put these fins on a level all their own! More speed and more hold, this is what the new Jamie O'Brien signature series Fins promise to you, featuring 3D Fins latest performance innovation "Channel Tip Technology". The channels on the tip of these fins reduce Fin turbulence resulting in improved hold and increased speed . As J.O.B says, "these fins are insane off the bottom and amazing in the tube." Two years of design testing in extreme waves by J.O.B himself and with a podium finish as a prototype (Volcom Pipe pro 2016), this design has been modeled off that very Volcom Pipe set. This is the cutting edge technology, inspired by the speed generated by Channels and inside foil flow dynamics . The 3D Fins Jamie O'Brien Channel Tip Fins are a medium template that keeps things fast and loose, but with extra hold when you critically need it.

3D Fins Jamie O'Brien Channel Tip Fin Fin Material
"Darkside" Carbon Construction features a carbon base which adds strength and stiffness to lower end of the fins while allowing the upper 3rd. of the fin to flex. Darkside Carbon will give you more drive and explosiveness, best for medium to large surf.

3D Fins Jamie O'Brien Channel Tip Medium Fin Size: 132lbs - 198lbs (60kg - 90kg)
Base: 4.37 in. 110 mm
Height: 4.55 in. 115 mm
Sweep: 32.8°

3D Fins Jamie O'Brien Channel Tip Fins are available in: Camo Graphic

7.0 Side fins
Height: 4.72" / 120mm
Base: 4.64" / 118mm
Area: 16.16 sq" / 10426mm²
Sweep: 36.6º
Foil: Flat


7.0 Center fins
Base: 4.64" / 117.9mm
Height: 4.49" / 114mm
Area: 15.32" / 9884mm²
Sweep: 36.6º
- See more at:  Moonrakerr Fin: Available in Blue Metal, Elephant Girl, Leopard, Skull Duggery, Platinum Sweep: 36.6º Area: 15.32" / 9884mm²
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