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Rob Machado - Midas
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Firewire Surfboards Machado<br/>Midas - LFT
Firewire Surfboards Machado
Midas - LFT
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Firewire Machado Midas Surfboard

Firewires product development is centered around three things: The exclusive use of epoxy resins and EPS foam cores, developing lighter and stronger surfboards through sandwich construction, and optimizing flex to maximize performance.

Firewire Machado Midas Surfboard

The outline of the Firewire Machado Midas Surfboard evolved from a few different influences. The tail was inspired by some 80’s twin fins and the wing is positioned right behind the trailing edge of the side fin to create a break point, and to pull the tips of the swallow closer together for maneuverability. The wing also creates more width in front of the fins which generates increased speed. The nose on the Midas is a touch wider than your everyday short board but without an "eggy" feel. The wider nose and tail dimensions reduce the curve in the middle of the board which also helps generate speed.

Perhaps the most interesting design feature on the Firewire Machado Midas Surfboard are the new bottom contours he's been working on which he called “Board Eat Board”. The original concept began years ago when he rode one of George Greenough’s edge surfboards which led Rob to a whole new approach to bottom contours and edges. He made quite a few boards until he finally ad-opted this new bottom. The general idea is that you have 2 surfboard boards working in your favor. The Firewire Machado Midas Surfboard "inside" outline creates a flat bottom concave that runs all the way off the tail, while the two side panels that run down each rail change from concave to flat to V, while still maintaining a deep single concave down the middle. The overall effect is increased performance and speed with the Firewire Midas.

Firewire Machado Midas Surfboard Tech - LFT
Firewire’s product development is focused on three things: The exclusive use of epoxy resins and epoxy resin and EPS foam cores, achieving lighter and stronger surfboards through sandwich construction, and optimizing flex to enhance performance. Though LINEAR FLEX TECHNOLOGY (LFT) may appear to be a simple construction employing familiar design philosophies found in traditionally built surfboards, nothing could be further from the truth. LFT incorporates Firewire’s new SPRINGER HD, a 0.75” (18 mm) wide aerospace composite that runs down the centerline of the board, representing the next generation in our SPRINGER technology. Unlike the original balsa SPRINGER build which only added stiffness under the front foot, the SPRINGER HD runs the entire length of the board and plays a pivotal role in optimizing flex from nose to tail.

Inserting a high-density material down the center of the board does create engineering hurdles. For example, deck compression over the SPRINGER HD would be less than the surrounding EPS core. Over time, the deck would develop a raised area adjacent to the SPRINGER HD, akin to the ‘ridging' effect on a PU surfboard as the surrounding foam collapses on either side of the stringer.

Firewire addressed this issue in two ways. Firstly, the SPRINGER HD stops approximately 10mm below the top deck, ensuring that the surrounding EPS compression will not lead to ‘ridging’. Utilizing our proven sandwich construction methodology, we also added an extremely durable material to the top deck of the board. This ‘deck-skin’ now serves as an additional buffer against the ridging effect while simultaneously working in tandem with the SPRINGER HD to optimize the overall flex pattern of the LFT build. The end result is a durable surfboard with lively flex patterns that will maintain its hi-performance characteristics over time.

Additional Information:
The Firewire Machado Midas Surfboard is intended for 2 ft. to 5 ft. surf, has medium rails and comes in a Thruster setup.

Firewire Machado Midas Surfboard - Stats at a Glance:

Tail      Volume
5' 3"
18 1/2"
Wing Swallow      
5' 4"
18 5/8"
2 1/8"
Wing Swallow
5' 5"
18 3/4"
2 1/8"
Wing Swallow
5' 6" 19" 2 3/16 Wing Swallow
5' 7" 19 5/16"
2 1/4" Wing Swallow
5' 8" 19 1/2
2 5/16" Wing Swallow 29.3
5' 9" 19 7/8"
2 3/8" Wing Swallow 30.8
5' 10"
20 1/8"
2 7/16"
Wing Swallow 32.1
5' 11"
20 3/8"
2 7/16"
Wing Swallow 33.5
6' 0"
20 5/8"
2 1/2"
Wing Swallow 34.9
6' 1"
20 7/8"
2 9/16"
Wing Swallow 37.5
6' 2"
2 5/8"
Wing Swallow 38.7
6' 3"
21 3/16"
2 11/16"
Wing Swallow 40.1
6' 4"
21 3/8"
2 3/4"
Wing Swallow 42.9
6' 6"
21 1/2"
2 7/8"
Wing Swallow 45.4
6' 8"
21 1/2
Wing Swallow

Firewire Machado Midas Surfboard - available in: LFT

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