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Channel Islands Tech-1 Fins<br />FCS Compatible<br/>(Small | Medium | Large)

Channel Islands Tech-1 Fins
FCS Compatible
(Small | Medium | Large)

CI Tech-1 Fins - Small<br/>FCS Compatible
CI Tech-1 Fins - Small
FCS Compatible
CI Tech-1 Fins - Medium<br/>FCS Compatible
CI Tech-1 Fins - Medium
FCS Compatible
CI Tech-1 Fins - Large<br/>FCS Compatible
CI Tech-1 Fins - Large
FCS Compatible
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Channel Islands Tech-1 Fins

When Al Merrick began to sketch out a fin design for his thrusters in the early 1980's, he had no idea it would still be regarded as the world's top fin 30 years later. Developed on the long walls of Rincon, under the feet of Tom Curren, Shaun Tomson and Al Merrick, Al's template went through countless refinements during one of the best run of swells in California history.

The last thirty years of the most cutting edge board design in history has been engineered around the Al Merrick template and Channel Islands is now proud to offer the Al Merrick Template in technology new to fins, in both the single and dual tab systems.

The Channel Islands Tech-1 is honeycomb hexagonal core, combined with the Al Merrick template offering a medium flex pattern. This makes the Tech-1 a versatile fin option for a wide rage of surfing abilities. The Tech-1 is designed to perform in a variety of conditions and has a wide base for drive off the bottom, more rake for big carves and a finer tip for release off the top. The Channel Islands Tech-1 also features a smaller center fin that frees up the tail.

Channel Islands Tech-1 Fin Size:

Small Fin Size: (Up to 145 lbs)
Base: 4.32 in. 109.72 mm
Depth: 4.34 in. 110.23
Area: 13.82 in.² 8916 mm²
Foil: Flat

Small Center Fin Size:
Base: 4.31 in.  109.47 mm
Depth: 4.18in.  106.17 mm
Area: 13.49 in.²  8703 mm²
Foil: 50/50

Medium Fin Size: (146 lbs - 165 lbs)
Base: 4.50 in.  114.30 mm
Depth: 4.53 in.  114.80 mm
Area: 14.99 in.²  9670.94 mm²
Foil: Flat

Medium Center Fin Size:
Base: 4.49 in.  114.04 mm
Depth: 4.36 in.  110.74 mm
Area: 14.63 in.²  9309 mm²
Foil: 50/50

Large Fin Size: (166 lbs or Greater)
Base: 4.63 in.  117.60 mm
Depth: 4.72 in.  119.88 mm
Area: 15.93 in.²  10277 mm²
Foil: Flat

Large Center Fin Size:
Base: 4.61 in.  117.09 mm
Depth: 4.48 in.  113.79 mm
Area: 15.20 in.²  9806 mm²
Foil: 50/50

The Channel Islands Tech-1 Fins: available in Small, Medium & Large - Red, Blue and Yellow Honeycomb respectively.

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