Dakine Surf Shorts<br/>Men's Under Surf Short<br/>(Black | Multiple Sizes)

Dakine Surf Shorts
Men's Under Surf Short
(Black | Multiple Sizes)

Dakine Men's<br />Under Surf Short - Black
Dakine Men's
Under Surf Short - Black
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Dakine Men's Under Surf Short

Dakine makes one of the only pairs of Under Surf Shorts which will help prevent rash/chaff from long sessions in board shorts! The Dakine Men's Under Surf Short has a snug fit, featuring a 6.5 oz. Under Surf Short made with 85% Polyester, 15%, Elastane and flatlock seems, with and adjustable waist. The Under Surf Short has built in UPF 50+ sun protection, which makes wearing this pair of Dakine Under Surf Shorts one of the best ways to keep the sun off your legs!

Dakine Men's Under Surf Short: Available in Short Legs

Dakine  Men's Under Surf Short Sizes
Available in Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large and 2X Large

Dakine Men's Under Surf Shorts Colors
: Available Black

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