Surface Sunscreen Lotion<br/>2.5 oz. | 6 oz.<br/>(Watersport | Sport | Dry Touch)

Surface Sunscreen Lotion
2.5 oz. | 6 oz.
(Watersport | Sport | Dry Touch)

Surface Sport Lotion<br/>SPF 30 - 2.5 oz.
Surface Sport Lotion
SPF 30 - 2.5 oz.


Surface Sport Lotion<br/>SPF 30 - 6 oz.
Surface Sport Lotion
SPF 30 - 6 oz.


Surface Dry Touch Lotion<br/>SPF 30 - 2.5 oz.
Surface Dry Touch Lotion
SPF 30 - 2.5 oz.


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Surface Sunscreen Lotion

The two most IMPORTANT facts about Surface Sunscreen Lotion (besides that it provides unparalleled sun protection) is that it won't get it your eyes or on your wax! With an ultra sheer formula, this sunscreen is gentle and lightweight, perfect for the face and body. Surface Sunscreen Lotion is hypoallergenic, dermatologist tested and an excellent size to carry in a pocket or bag. It's non-greasy formula is also engineered for water repelling and "Waterproofing". This sunscreen is water resistant (80 minutes)! Surface Sunscreen Lotion is DEFINITELY a sunscreen worthy of using every day!

Surface Sunscreen Lotion at a Glance: Water Sport Lotion is formulated to provide full strength sun protection even when applied to wet or sweaty skin. Sport Lotion was designed for convenience and maximum protection while active. Dry Touch Lotion offers a lightweight everyday formula.
Surface Sunscreen Lotion comes in SPF 30 and provides Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection.

Surface Sunscreen Lotion Sizes: 6 oz. and 2.5 oz. in Water Sport SPF 30, Sport SPF 30 and Dry Touch SPF 30

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