Surface Sunscreen<br/>Lip Balm<br/>(SPF 30 | SPF 50)

Surface Sunscreen
Lip Balm
(SPF 30 | SPF 50)

Surface Rhythm Lip Balm<br/>SPF 50
Surface Rhythm Lip Balm
SPF 50


Surface Squeeze Lip Balm<br/>SPF 30
Surface Squeeze Lip Balm
SPF 30


Surface Tropix Lip Balm<br/>SPF 30
Surface Tropix Lip Balm
SPF 30


Surface Lip Balm

The two most IMPORTANT facts about Surface Lip Balm (besides that it provides unparalleled sun protection) is that it won't get it your eyes or on your wax! One of the most important products to always keep on hand is a good lip balm. Surface Lip Balms are constructed using the highest quality ingredients and put together to give you the finest in premium lip protection for all of the outside elements Mother nature throws at you. It's non-greasy formula is also engineered for water repelling and "Waterproofing". Surface Lip Balm is Paraben and Petroleum FREE and Vitamin E fortified. Surface is DEFINITELY a sunscreen worthy of using!
Surface Lip Balms come in SPF 30+ or SPF 50+ and provides Broad Spectrum UVA/UVB Protection. You want Surface Lip Balm on your lips!

Surface Lip Balm Size: 1.5 oz. Tube in Escape, Rhythm, Squeeze and Tropix

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