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3D Longboard Fin <br/>Juicer 155 Single Fin

3D Longboard Fin
Juicer 155 Single Fin

3D Fins Longboard Center Fin<br/>Juicer 155 Single Fin - Stripes
3D Fins Longboard Center Fin
Juicer 155 Single Fin - Stripes

3D Longboard Fin Juicer 155 Single Fin

Do you want extra drive and hold? If you do, then any Surfboard Fin in the 3D Fin line is a must have for your quiver. The combination of the swept back rake along with 3D Fins patented dimple technology allows their fins to create incredible drive, quick release through turns and great hold in bottom turns. The 3D Fin line is comprised of different sizes and templates for different sized surfers and surf styles and are Josh Kerr's signature fins. Independent tests have proven the dimples on the 3D Fins increase lift and drive by up to 15%. This gives a surfer the ability to gain more speed and with more speed comes the opportunity for more advanced maneuvers.

3D Longboard Fin Juicer 155 Single Fin

With the 3D Juicer 155, the Longboard Fin Journey begins. This template has been proven over the ages, but with dimples it becomes brand new. The dialed-in Longboard Fin foils with dimples on both faces allow for reduced drag down the line, incredible drive off the bottom and no dead spots so you have speed to burn off the top. The 3D Juicer 155 can be combined with the 4.0 sides, but as a single, this fin is perfect for your Performance Surfboard, Cruiser, SUP or Longboard and is great for small to medium surf.

3D Longboard Fin Juicer 155 Single Fin Size:

Height: 6.25 in. 155 mm

3D Longboard Fin Juicer 155 Single Fin is available in: Blue/Black/Purple Striped Hexcore/Fiberglass

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