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Futures Fins V2 F4 Hatchet<br/>2+1 Longboard Fins<br/>(Blue/Dark Blue Hex)

Futures Fins V2 F4 Hatchet
2+1 Longboard Fins
(Blue/Dark Blue Hex)

Future Fins - V2 F4 Hatchet 2+1<br/>Blue Hex (2+1 Longboard Fin Set)
Future Fins - V2 F4 Hatchet 2+1
Blue Hex (2+1 Longboard Fin Set)

Futures Fins V2 F4 Hatchet 2+1

The Futures Fins V2 F4 Hatchet 2+1 was designed by one of the pioneers of the modern big wave movement, Garrett McNamara, to be something of a multi-purpose fin for his adventures. Garrett is known for surfing the Hatchet on all kinds of waves and on all kinds of boards. Whether he is towing into the tallest waves ever ridden in Portugal, catching waves created by a calving glacier in Alaska or surfing massive Cloudbreak on a SUP, if it's heavy, Garrett is on it. He designed the Hatchet 2+1 to work in powerful surf in a variety of boards. When it's overhead these fins are proven to perform in your Stand Up or Tow-Board.

The V2 F4 Hatchet 2+1 is also the ultimate set-up for high performance longboarding. Made from lightweight honeycomb and featuring Futures Fins V2 foil in the side bites and a 6” Cutaway center fin. The Futures Fins V2 F4 Hatchet 2+1 set simulates the freedom of riding a much smaller board, allowing you to get your board more vertical. The Hatchet has a unique 50-1 foil that is noticeable thicker, which allows for more lift and fluid rail to rail linkage.
Futures Fins V2 F4 Hatchet 2+1 Center Fin Size:
Height: 5.94 in. 15.08 cm.
Base: 2.56 in. 6.50
Area: 16.13 in.² 104.06 cm.²
Foil: 50:1

Futures Fins V2 F4 Hatchet 2+1 Side Fin Size:
Height: 4.37 in. 11.09 cm.
Base: 4.22 in. 10.71 cm.
Area: 14.22 in.² 91.74 cm²
Foil: V2

Futures Fins V2 F4 Hatchet 2+1 Fin Set: available in Blue/Dark Blue Hex

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