Xcel Revolt OS Wetsuit - Back Zip<br/>(3/2 & 4/3 / All Sizes)

Xcel Revolt OS Wetsuit - Back Zip
(3/2 & 4/3 / All Sizes)

Xcel Revolt OS Wetsuit<br/>3/2 Back Zip - Black
Xcel Revolt OS Wetsuit
3/2 Back Zip - Black
Xcel Revolt OS Wetsuit<br/>4/3 Back Zip - Black
Xcel Revolt OS Wetsuit
4/3 Back Zip - Black

Xcel Revolt OS Wetsuit

Xcel Wetsuits are considered by some to set the standard in the Wetsuit Market. Every Xcel wetsuit is a careful combination of entry system (zipper), materials, seams and the newest design/fit innovations for your desired level of warmth, stretch and value. The Xcel Wetsuit series delivers the highest quality construction and fit for the broadest possible spectrum of conditions and performance.

Xcel Revolt OS

The Xcel Revolt OS Wetsuit is Xcel's latest Wetsuit. The Revolt OS features all new TD3 Th3rmoDry, the ultimate neoprene, making for the warmest, lightest, and driest Xcel suit yet. With exclusive material and seam innovations, the Revolt OS delivers amazing performance, warmth, and stretch. Key features include, Xcel's Quick Dry System combined with their Airprene Material, both Fusion Seams and Pressure Bonded Seams in key locations, as well as their Drylock Wrist Seals. These features combined with their "OS" back zip produce an extremely warm, flexible Wetsuit.

Other features that you've come to expect with any high end Wetsuit are also available with the Xcel Revolt OS Wetsuit, including their Ultra Stretch Technology, Glued and Blind Stitched Seams and their Textured Skin which helps the suits durability, water absorption and wind resistance. And of course the Xcel OS Wetsuit also features Back Knee Flex Groves, a Contoured Neck and a Lower Key Pocket, for increased comfort and piece of mind.

*All of the features on the Revolt OS Wetsuit are explained further and can be seen in more detail by clicking "View Large Image".

Xcel Revolt OS: Size Chart

Xcel Revolt OS 3/2 Back Zip Colors:

Available in Black

Xcel Revolt OS 4/3 Back Zip Colors:
Available in Black

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