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3D Fins Moonrakerr XCS XS <br/> Grom Surfboard Fins<br />(Futures Bases | All Colors)

3D Fins Moonrakerr XCS XS
Grom Surfboard Fins
(Futures Bases | All Colors)

3D Fins Moonraker XCS Lite Grom</br>Orange - Tri-Fin Set (Futures Compatible)
3D Fins Moonraker XCS Lite Grom
Orange - Tri-Fin Set (Futures Compatible)
3D Fins Moonraker XCS Lite Grom</br>Black - Tri-Fin Set (FCS Compatible)
3D Fins Moonraker XCS Lite Grom
Black - Tri-Fin Set (FCS Compatible)
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3D Fins Moonrakerr XCS Lite Grom Fins (Futures Compatible)

*3D Fins ARE made either FCS or Future Fins compatible.
**Click here for the FCS Version.

Do you want extra drive and hold? If you do, then any Surfboard Fin in the 3D Fin line is a must have for your quiver. The combination of the swept back rake along with 3D Fins patented dimple technology allows their fins to create incredible drive, quick release through turns and great hold in bottom turns. The 3D Fin line is comprised of different sizes and templates for different sized surfers and surf styles and are Josh Kerr's signature fins. Independent tests have proven the dimples on the 3D Fins increase lift and drive by up to 15%. This gives a surfer the ability to gain more speed and with more speed comes the opportunity for more advanced maneuvers.

3D Fins Moonrakerr XCS Lite Grom Fins:
Super Groms, the MOONRAKERR XCS Lite Grom Fin with FCS Compatible bases is for you. They're super fast, super responsive and super fun, perfect for adding the right amount speed and power to any groms turns. If you're a medium surfer you can get away with Moonrakerr XS, but they'll give you a SUPER loose feel.

3D Fins Moonrakerr XCS Lite Grom Fin Size:
90lbs - 143lbs (40kg - 65kg)
Base: 4.26 in. 108 mm
Height: : 4.22 in. 107 mm
Sweep: 32.0°
Foil: IFT

3D Fins Moonrakerr XCS Lite Grom Fins are available in: Orange or Black

7.0 Side fins
Height: 4.72" / 120mm
Base: 4.64" / 118mm
Area: 16.16 sq" / 10426mm²
Sweep: 36.6º
Foil: Flat


7.0 Center fins
Base: 4.64" / 117.9mm
Height: 4.49" / 114mm
Area: 15.32" / 9884mm²
Sweep: 36.6º
- See more at:  Moonrakerr Fin: Available in Blue Metal, Elephant Girl, Leopard, Skull Duggery, Platinum Sweep: 36.6º Area: 15.32" / 9884mm²

Finatic Fin Reviews
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"Lots of Drive"
- Jonathan B., Freedom, CA on the 3D Fins Moonrakerr 7.0 Large - Futures Compatible

Overall Fin Rating: 4.0

Height: 6'1"
Weight: 171 - 180 lbs.
Surfing Experience: (1 - 10): 7

Home Break: Pleasure Point Santa Cruz
Where did you surf these fins: Rockview, 1st peak pleasure point, Manressa
Wave Height: 6 - 8 ft.
Wave Conditions: Good
Misc. Wave/Location Information: Manressa is a powerful beach break. Pleasure Point in Santa Cruz is home to several top notch waves all are long point breaks with multiple sections

Type of Board: Shortboard
Board Size: 6 ft. 6 in.
Fin Setup: Thruster
Misc. Board Information: My board was a M10 Tomahawk 6'6. It's my step-up board it gets pulled out on wave 5ft+.

Other Thoughts: was super excited to get these fins. I wasn't disappointed. I liked the fins, the large size. Lots of drive of the bottom, but they still broke free in the lip. You could throw buckets carving on the face. I don't know if they were 10-15% faster like they claim on the website, but they didn't slow me down at all. The held really nice in some really critical steep hollow waves. Definitely worth your time. I would try them out before you shell out the cash though.

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