Headhunter Sunscreen <br/> 32 Oz. Clear SPF 30<br/>( Body Lotion Tub)

Headhunter Sunscreen
32 Oz. Clear SPF 30
( Body Lotion Tub)

Headhunter Sunscreen<br/>SPF 30 Lotion - 32oz. Tub
Headhunter Sunscreen
SPF 30 Lotion - 32oz. Tub


Headhunter Sunscreen 32 oz. Tub

Here at The Surfboard Warehouse we EXCLUSIVELY sell Headhunter sunscreen because we have personally tested it and found it to be the best Sunscreen on the market for Surfing. Headhunter Sunscreen is designed to meet the rigorous demands of those who surf everyday. It has been tested in the finest waves in the world and it is designed by surfers for any amphibious endeavor.

The two most IMPORTANT facts about Headhunter Sunscreen (Besides that it provides unparalleled sun protection) is that it won't get it your eyes or on your wax! Headhunter is formulated with both FDA-approved UVA and UVB filters to offer true broad spectrum protection. It's non greasy formula is also engineered as a water repellent and thus "Waterproofing" your body. Headhunter combines both physical and chemical blocks to ensure complete coverage. It's hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, PABA-free, Phatalate-free, Paraben-free, non-greasy, and it won't clog pores or sting the eyes! FINALLY a sunscreen worthy of using to surf!

Headhunter Clear Lotion 32 oz. Tub SPF 30 For those who want the same protection as the "Original" in a large tub with a pump action top. Use if your spending SERIOUS time in the line up!

Headhunter Clear Lotion Size: 32 oz. Tub

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