Kinetik Racing Traction Pad<br />Geotrack (Black)

Kinetik Racing Traction Pad
Geotrack (Black)

Kinetik Racing Traction Pad <br/ >Geotrack - Black
Kinetik Racing Traction Pad
Geotrack - Black
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Kinetik Racing Geotrack Traction

Kinetik Racing is proud to release the BRAND NEW Kinetik Racing Traction line! Kinetik Traction is superior grip that's light, durable and designed to perform. Luke Egan has been an important part of the process, road testing Kinetik Racing Traction all round the world on different ranges of equipment, water temps, salinities and wave types. All Kinetik Racing Traction Pads are made from the highest quality materials available to provide maximum performance and durability. Kinetik uses 3M adhesive, the most trusted adhesive on the globe and high density EVA throughout which maintains the Pads form and performance for the length of your board.

The Kinetik Racing Geotrack Traction Pad features a medium sized lightweight grip with a stylized outline and low profile template. The square grove pattern on the Geotrack optimizes surface area and enhances the effectiveness of the pad.

Geotrack Traction Note: The Geotrack pad is a 3 piece pad featuring a square tread grip pattern, no arch bar and a 22 mm tail kick.

Kinetik Racing Geotrack Traction Size:
Length: 11 2/5 in. 290 mm
Width: 11 3/4 in. 299 mm

Kinetik Racing Traction Geotrack Pad: available in Black

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