FCS Fins K2.1 (Dot Fin)<br />Glass Flex - Right Side Fin

FCS Fins K2.1 (Dot Fin)
Glass Flex - Right Side Fin

FCS K2.1 Fin Glass Flex - Right Side Fin
FCS K2.1 Fin Glass Flex - Right Side Fin
FCS K2.1 Fins

This fin is a single fin only! Fin position is determined placing the fins up and the nose away from you.  They are brand new but there are limited quantities. No returns on Single Fins. If you have questions about this fin feel free to give us a call. If you need a different replacement fin than what you see on our site call and we can see about getting it from the manufacturer.

Kelly Slater designed the FCS K2.1 fins to be more maneuverable and faster off the top than the original FCS K-Fin.
The FCS K2.1 side and center fins have different templates, foils and flex patterns. With the K2.1's the larger, more upright side fins have greater flex for tighter and faster turns. The smaller, stiffer center fin adds control! The FCS K2.1's are Kelly Slater’s world winning template in Glass Flex, ideal for high performance in pocket surfing. You HAVE to add the FCS K2.1 Fins to your quiver if you don't have them yet!
The K2.1 Fins are the first of Kelly Slater’s world beating templates' now available in Performance Core. Kelly tested prototypes of the K2.1 fins in Performance Core through the 2nd half of ’08. The K2.1 Performance Core Fins have an upright template designed by Kelly with a smaller trailing fin. This is what Kelly rides in beach break and barrels and is ideal for tight turns and high performance in the pocket surfing. Now Available in QUAD and 5-Fin!! Click Here

FCS K2.1 Fin Size:

FCS K2.1 Side Fin Size:
Side Base: 4.33 in. 110 mm
Side Depth: 4.53 in. 115 mm
Surface Area: 15.23 in.² 9824 mm²
Sweep: 32°

FCS K2.1 Center Fin Size:
Center Base: 4.28 in. 19 mm
Center Depth: 4.41 in. 112 mm
Surface Area: 14.22 in.² 9172 mm²
Sweep: 32°

The FCS K2.1 Fins: available in Glass Flex

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