OAM (On A Mission) Leash<br/>10ft. Regular - Multiple Colors

OAM (On A Mission) Leash
10ft. Regular - Multiple Colors

OAM 10ft. Regular Leash<br/>Black
OAM 10ft. Regular Leash
OAM 10ft. Regular Leash<br/>Blue
OAM 10ft. Regular Leash

OAM 10ft. Regular Leash

OAM has come to us with all new technology, like their Stress Relief Molded Cord End for a strong, durable connection. On A Mission also features a soft, flexible ankle cuff with doubled layered neoprene and a short detachable rail saver. OAM doesn't stop there though, they are also throwing in a molded stand off to keep the cord away form your feet and a double swivel to reduce tangling. To top it all off all leashes come with stainless steel hardware to prevent corrosion. What will they think of next?

OAM Regular Leash Size: 10’0”


OAM 10ft. Regular Leash Thickness: .25in. (6.3mm)

OAM Regular Leash Colors Available in: Black & Blue

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