OAM Surfboard Traction Pad <br> Fish Pad

OAM Surfboard Traction Pad
Fish Pad

OAM Fish Traction Pad<br/>Black - Large
OAM Fish Traction Pad
Black - Large
OAM Fish Traction Pad<br/>Black - Small
OAM Fish Traction Pad
Black - Small
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OAM Fish Traction Pad

The OAM Fish Pad has been designed, tested, and approved by OAM's Pros . The thinner, lighter and grippier EVA gives this On A Mission Traction Pad the perfect feel. OAM also features a diamond grid pattern that consists of tiny 1/8" thick squares which rest on top of diamond shaped foundations and a Rolled Tail Kick that has a 115 degree angle that provides optimum resistance for back foot pressure.

The OAM Fish Traction Pad Features: A 5 piece pad with NO center arch and a 28mm tail kick
OAM Fish Traction Pad: available in Black/Large & Black/Small

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