Sticky Bumps Surfboard Sock <br/>Longboard (All Colors/Sizes)

Sticky Bumps Surfboard Sock
Longboard (All Colors/Sizes)

Sticky Bumps: Surfboard Sock <br/>Longboard - Blue
Sticky Bumps: Surfboard Sock
Longboard - Blue
Sticky Bumps: Surfboard Sock<br/>Longboard - Green
Sticky Bumps: Surfboard Sock
Longboard - Green
Sticky Bumps: Surfboard Sock <br/>Longboard - Grey
Sticky Bumps: Surfboard Sock
Longboard - Grey

Sticky Bumps Longboard Sock

The Sticky Bumps Surfboard Stretch Cover is made to fit Shortboards, Hybrid/Fish or Longboards and Sticky Bumps Socks are made with high quality fleece. The Sticky Bumps covers come with a wax pocket, reinforced nose, and a draw string closure. Whether you want a light weight way to store you board or you're packing your board in a box or a travel board bag these fleece covers will give you that extra peace of mind.
Sticky Bumps: Surfboard Fleece Cover Holds: up to 1 surfboard with or without fins and accessories.
Sticky Bumps Fleece Cover Sizes: Longboard Sock Sizes: 8'6"; 9'0"; 9'6" ;10'0'' and 10'6"
Sticky Bumps: Surfboard Stretch Cover Colors: Green, Blue and Grey

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