Boardworks SUP Paddle<br/ >(1 Piece Carbon Kevlar w/ 8.25" Blade)

Boardworks SUP Paddle
(1 Piece Carbon Kevlar w/ 8.25" Blade)

Boardworks SUP Paddle - 1 Piece Kevlar/Carbon
Boardworks SUP Paddle - 1 Piece Kevlar/Carbon

Boardworks SUP 1 Piece Carbon Paddle

The Boardworks Carbon/Kevlar SUP Paddle is constructed with a woven blend of Kevlar and Carbon throughout the blade, shaft, and handle. The Kevlar adds amazing strength while the carbon keeps it light and stiff, making one high performance paddle. This Boardworks blade features a shaft that is "teardrop" shaped for a more ergonomic feel, and a reduced diameter that fits a wide range of paddlers and greatly reduces fatigue. The Boardworks 1 piece performance carbon/kevlar blade also features less surface area up high where it passes the rail, with more "meat" in the water for extra power in your stroke! Get them here!

*Note this SUP Paddle comes stock at 82in. with an Extra 2 1/2in. once the handle is in place, giving this SUP Paddle a total MAX length of 84 1/2in.

**Note: What makes the Boardworks SUP 1 Piece Paddle so strong is that it's ONE PIECE. Unfortunately this means that your Paddle has to be cut to size. THIS IS NOT HARD and the best way to have your Paddle cut to your EXACT specifications is for you to cut your paddle precisely how you want. Click here for our easy to follow detailed guide on how to cut your new SUP Paddle. Keeping in mind whats most important is how the length feels to you, with basic standards being this: (All measured taller than yourself) SUP Surf Paddle length is +/- 6in., for an all around SUP Paddle +/- 8in and for SUP racing paddle you would want +/- 10in.

***Note: With this SUP Paddle purchase we also send you the BEST Epoxy kit available to apply the handle. Again THIS IS NOT HARD. Please follow our above guide for EASY instructions on how to cut and apply the handle to your SUP Paddle.

Boardworks 1 Piece Carbon Paddle: available in Kevlar/Carbon


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