Prolite: Rack Pads<br/>(Round & Flat)

Prolite: Rack Pads
(Round & Flat)

Prolite: Flat Rack Pads
Prolite: Flat Rack Pads
Prolite: Round Rack Pads
Prolite: Round Rack Pads
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Prolite Roof Rack Pads

The Prolite Rack Pads are designed to wrap around and pad your existing roof racks. The Prolite round roof rack pads are for standard roof racks and the flat pads are for larger and more square roof racks. The Prolite Rack Pads, with their new Velcro system, are perfect if your looking for that extra little bit of protection for your boards.

Prolite: Roof Rack Pads Styles: Round and Flat

Prolite: Rack Pads Available: in Black

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